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  1. yes it's true, they are pricey. it was $599 for us history this year - but that's not including the annual $100 admin fee. so while i like to tell myself the class is only about $600 - it's really $700. times that by 3-5 online classes for 1 child (my ds is taking 5 in that ballpark and some more this year alone), and it becomes cost-prohibitive! it's not like homeschoolers as a rule are rich, plus many tend to have larger families. it is really becoming cost-prohibitive. i think those admin fees (wtma/wha) really do a number on pushing the fees out of the ballpark for many. i do like how PAH is just a set fee, nothing more, nothing less.



    The catch being that the technology at PAHS is nothing compared to WHA or WTMA. I would willingly and cheerfully pay a technology and/or admin fee for a more easily navigated, less clunky learning environment at PAHS. Obviously circumstances differ and not everyone, especially those with many children, is in a position to pay the extra fees. My point is that the fees aren't for nothing. There is an obvious return for the money.

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  2. The Pyramid Collection


    This is my favorite tunic. I love the colors and different textures. It's just fitted enough in the top to give shape, but flows easily over my tummy and hips without adding bulk.


    Have you ordered much from this company? What are your thoughts on the clothing quality? Is the clothing good quality for everyday wear or is it more suitable for costume parties, festivals, etc. (Some of the clothing seems to be more costume/festival oriented and not something most people would wear on a typical day. Although maybe I just don't move in those circles.)

  3. Finally registered online for oldest boy’s AP exams at the same place as last year as he doesn’t mind the place.

    June SAT subject tests is surprisingly popular and most of my nearby hosting public high schools are already full when I did the registration online for DS13. I have to mail in the SAT subject test registration form for DS12 so fingers cross he can get a seat at the same high school.


    Yikes! Thanks for the warning. I was thinking there was plenty of time for June subject test registration, but maybe not if we want a particular school.

  4. I've seen Soft Surroundings mentioned on the clothing threads from time to time. Would anyone be willing to share experiences with sizing? Any recommendations if you are between sizes? 


    Sizes run thus:


    XS (2-4) S (6-8) M (10-12) etc.


    What if you between sizes? Such as 4/6 or 8/10 etc? With this company is it better to size up or down?


    Thoughts about sizing, quality, etc would be greatly appreciated! 

  5. I totally read this the wrong way at first - thinking your follow-up line was, "No, really." I thought that WTMA folks would get inundated with others emailing and asking for the same privilege!


    Sorry the schedules aren't meshing this year, WMA. We are in a holding pattern until local college posts the class schedule for the fall, which I think will go up in March sometime for April registration. Then, we can fit other classes around that, hopefully.


    Oh no! Maybe I should edit my post to make it clearer! Oops!  :laugh:


    Waiting is hard! I hope everything falls into place for you.

  6. I emailed WTMA and asked. They gave me a special preview, but I promised not to share. (Not really. No such luck. No preview given.   ;)  :laugh: ) 


    The response was that class information will be updated around Feb 15. (I was going to say early June, but didn't want to panic anyone.... ;) )


    From the schedules released from various schools thus far, I can tell that our scheduling for next year is not going to be nearly as smooth as the previous two years have been. We've already had to make difficult choices. I hope more difficult choices about classes aren't on the horizon...


    Best of luck to everyone!  :cheers2:

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  7. I often scratch my head when folks on these boards claim it's easier to get a seat at a private school, because I've found it to be just the opposite.  The private schools give me the attitudes of "Since you aren't paying $45,000 in tuition to attend, why should we let you test here?"  The public schools have been much nicer.


    I often think it's to lure us in...  ;)   It almost worked! 


    Again, the public school was willing, but I felt like we were a huge bother. Getting information was somewhat difficult. 


    The private school practically rolled out the red carpet. I seriously considered enrolling my teen in the school after our experience.


     The attitude/vibe at public schools is sometimes that we opted out, so we should just stay out.

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  8. I mentioned this to dd's art teacher and she actually knew what I was talking about.  She talked us (well, and dd) about how judges will have a particular preference for certain kinds of pieces and how that carries on into the professional art world (and I know absolutely nothing about the art world).  She was showing us pictures of artists who had a hard time selling pieces, but were producing some amazing artwork.  Oh, well.  I'm glad we did the competition.  We learned a lot.  Both dds want to try again next year.    


    I think this holds true in many spheres -- including the writing part of the contest. Even in horse shows sometimes judges have preferences for horse color or other factors that affect the judging. 


    Both when my teen places in a contest and when she doesn't, I always mention that a different day or a different judge and the outcome might have been different. Hope and humility... a two-for-one special.  ;)


    :hurray:   to those students who placed!



    :grouphug:  to those who didn't! 

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  9. My son is currently in the Computer Science Principles class.  He's really enjoying it.  He's a geek (term of endearment) to begin with so he's knows quite a bit of it, but he's learning some as well.  He needs structure and organization (he's ADHD) and seems to feel fine with how this class is going in terms of that.  There is a live component, if you are available to attend, which I think is invaluable for him.


    I just asked him what he thinks of the class.  He really likes it and feel like he is learning.  He feels like his teacher is organized and knows what she's talking about (for what that's worth).  Keep in mind, he's 14.


    Hope that helps!




    Thanks! Do you have any insight into how the class is structured? Is it mostly group work or independent work?  If it's a mix, how often is there required group work? Once a week, once a month, every day? 

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