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  1. On 9/11/2018 at 6:05 PM, RootAnn said:

    Stupid question:  The "review and submit" button -- You do get a chance to "cancel" back out of it if you don't like what you see, right? Is that the button that will show me how things look to the colleges? Because, so far, all I can see are little bits at a time. I haven't found any place that shows me how it looks put all together.. 

    Just wondering if you've hit "review and submit" yet and what happened?

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  2. 1 hour ago, Julie of KY said:

    I only did unweighted for my first son. His first choice was a school that told me there was no reason to weight his grade as they would recalculate it anyway.

    My second (this year) son is getting both weighted and unweighted. He needs a weighted GPA for scholarship applications as some will not recalculate his GPA and even if he has  4.0 on a 4-point scale, it doesn't compare well to kids that have a weighted GPA.

    How do you know how to weight it? What scale do you use? Does the scholarship application specify?  

    I was going to use unweighted on a 4.0 scale and weighted on a 5.0 scale, then I realized a local public school uses a weighted 6.0 scale. (Where's the banging head emoji?!)

    Maybe I'll use one of my four available transcript uploads to have a chart calculating the many and varied ways to weight the GPA. ? 

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  3. 25 minutes ago, JeanM said:

    On the plus side, we are still talking. And he's got two college visits with interviews next week and one the following week. So hopefully he'll start to figure things out. Keeping our relationship intact through this process is really important to me, but I also don't want to let him slack off and miss things.



    I watch clips of Lady Bird from time to time to help keep it all in perspective...   That's probably the most quoted movie in our home right now. ?

    Lady Bird Poster

    Early Decision: Based on a True Frenzy also helps me remember what matters most.

    By Lacy Crawford - Early Decision: A Novel (Reprint) (2014-09-10) [Paperback]


  4. On the Counselor's account, under the Students tab, click on the Student's name, then scroll down to the last option, which is Home School. It's the third question in the Home School section.

    Hope that helps!

    (ETA: When you click on the student's name it will automatically take you to the Workspace tab, which has the Home School section. I'm bolding so you can just glance through and see what to click or where you should be. :smile:)

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  5. I feel so far behind everyone! My teen had significant projects to finish over the summer and was traveling, so although we started some aspects of the application process, we're still finishing others. She was four years old when I started some of the paperwork I'm sorting through now. I remember thinking that I would need the info one day for college applications. Today is that day...  I'm not sure I'm ready for it to be here...

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  6. I've already submitted one document with the 5.0 scale. Now I'm second guessing as well. From now on, I may leave the Common App unweighted and put both weighted and unweighted on the transcript . I will also put explanations in the school profile, as well as the homeschool section that asks about grading scales.

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  7. 1 minute ago, RootAnn said:

    I think I skipped answering that question because it didn't have a little star by it. I admit to not answering a lot of the questions that weren't mandatory. Hitting Preview on that section, it seemed silly to put anything there when it clearly stated right above there that the class size was 1. 

    I totally missed that the question was optional. I'll probably just skip it. Thanks!

  8. I thought I was all set with the 5.0 GPA weighted scale, but now I'm not so sure. 

    When the Common App asks for highest GPA in class, do you put your teen's GPA? Or 5.0? Wouldn't a student need to take all AP or dual enrollment to get a 5.0? If the student didn't because it wasn't a feasible option, do you put 5.0 anyway? How can that be the highest GPA in the class if there's only one student, and they didn't get a 5.0? I would just go with unweighted scale and 4.0, but it might make a difference somewhere. 

    I don't see a place on the common app to list both weighted and unweighted GPA and scales. Am I missing something?

  9. There's a question in the homeschooling section that asks for more information about outside classes. I believe the question is optional, but I plan on answering it either directly in the box or by stating: Please see attached Course Descriptions.  (Or something similar.)   In my mind, it's worth the time and effort it takes. It may not make a whit of difference, but one can't be sure what makes the difference between a yes or no, or even full pay vs small scholarship vs full ride. Sometimes it's one big thing, other times it may be the sum of small things.*  (*With a nod to Elizabeth Currid-Halkett's book by the same title. It's such a great phrase.)

    From the Common App:

    If the student has taken courses from a distance learning program, traditional secondary school, or institution of higher education, please list the course title and content, sponsoring institution, instruction setting and schedule, and frequency of interactions with instructors and fellow students (once per day, week, etc.). In addition, if the student has taken any standardized testing other than those listed on page 2 of the Common Application, please also describe below.

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  10. Just a reminder for those with little ones in the house: Bathtubs, buckets, and other deep containers filled with water can be a drowning hazard. Drowning happens quickly, often when adults are preoccupied with something else. Take care that in preparing for one life-threatening event, that you don't bring on a different one. 

    Also, even for those on the outskirts of the hurricane, remember it may spawn tornadoes. Many tornado-related deaths happen at night. If you are in a tornado-prevalent area near the hurricane's swath, you may want to carefully consider sleeping arrangements for the next few days. Sleeping in or near your home's safe zone might be advisable for those at risk for trees falling and other hazards. An impromptu family slumber party complete with ghost stories, games, flashlights, and yummy snacks and drinks nearby might be a fun way to approach a change in bedtime routines. 

    Obviously every situation is different. Risk levels will vary considerably. Stay alert, stay informed, stay safe, but also stay sane!

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  11. 47 minutes ago, Penguin said:

    Coming back to the NPR program, the reason I want to listen to the whole thing is to hear more about financial aid appeals and negotiating merit aid. I think I am reasonably well-versed in how need-based aid and merit aid gets awarded, but I know next-to-nothing about what one might do after an award package is received. Other than just accept or reject said award package, of course!

    I'm curious about this aspect, too.  I'm grateful to learn about the NPR program.

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  12. 4 hours ago, klmama said:

    I don't think they check application essays with the plagiarism detectors; if they do, the modified essay would show up as matching another also associated with your same student's name. No need to worry.

    I didn't realize the essays show up associated with a name. That makes a big difference. Thanks!

    I'm so relieved to hear that other students have reused their own essays successfully. Many thanks!

  13. Thanks. My concern is if the essays are run through a plagiarism checker by one college and become part of the bank of essays, would they then show up as plagiarized the next time they were run through the same plagiarism checker? Surely colleges don't expect a whole new essay every time for identical prompts! 

    Your posts are reassuring, thanks!

  14. Can essays be used more than once? For example, reusing the Common App essay for a college that doesn't use Common App? Will it show up as plagiarized?  Also, some of the questions schools ask are almost identical. Can the answers be copied, or will they be marked as plagiarized? 

    (I hope it's obvious I mean reusing an essay the student wrote. NOT reusing an essay someone else wrote.)

  15. 1 minute ago, Evanthe said:


    The Biblical Studies credits...those are actual courses for us.  Not just the workshop and her knowledge on the subject (I just kinda blurted that out).  Especially since we're using Sonlight, the Bible credit is written into the program.    

    Ah! That's different then. I didn't realize they were actually classes in a program. I was thinking of it more as something he did on his own.

  16. 2 minutes ago, Evanthe said:


    We took driver's ed in high school and got a half credit for it.  I guess I assumed everyone did...

    My kids have a ton of extra-curriculars, but they're not really package-able into high school "courses".  I'm just leaving them for the application, I guess.

    I received credit for driver's ed as well. That's not the case in many places now, though. As always, location and context matter. Maybe check what's typical at local schools.

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