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  1. I know it depends on the student and the school, but I'm curious how others decided. Is there a magic number that keeps open the most doors?  From what I've read, it's my understanding they aren't always required. When they are required, usually two is sufficient. Three are occasionally required, but I've never seen four or more required. Is there any reason to do four?


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  2. Yes, you can get the booklet. I went to our school yesterday and asked for one of the booklets. The secretary in the guidance office wasn't sure what I meant, and I heard her calling out to someone in one of the inner offices asking, "Are we giving out PSAT exam booklets?" and the person in the inner office called out, "Yes, anyone who asks can have one. Grab one from the box."


    There was a giant box of books. She grabbed one and handed it to me.


    So you didn't get the actual booklet your student used? It's my understanding we will be getting the actual booklet. (At least that's what someone from the school told me. I haven't picked it up yet.)

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  3. The current issue of The Economist has a few articles on artificial intelligence and machine learning. According to one of the articles, behavioral experts currently watch the video feeds from Target stores to analyze how consumers use their stores so products can be positioned in ways that increase sales. Data scientists are working to automate the process. 


    Unfortunately the solution to maintaining privacy over our lives and control over our thoughts and decisions is much more complicated than not logging into Facebook and not shopping on Amazon...  :zombiechase:


    The first question that needs to be answered: Where can we safely buy tinfoil for our hats?   :001_huh:  ;)

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  4. Here is one fairly recent essay.  http://www.libertylawsite.org/2017/11/27/walker-percy-and-the-politics-of-deranged-times/


    These are books recommended by the counselor who worked with our family.  http://www.steelcounseling.com/therapy/recommended-reading-list



    These are books recommended by the reSTART residential technology/gaming addiction treatment center.  The thing I like about their approach is that they are for *sustainable* use of technology.  They know it is not going away and they don't want it to.  But making sure that the person is in control is the point.



    The Atlantic had a very good article about 2 years ago; I'll see if I can dig that up later.  

    Time Magazine had a long article sometime in the past 12 months about the effects of over-use of technology and the interesting thing to me is that the people who are yelling loudest about it are the 20-30 years old crowd...they were the true guinea pigs for all technology all the time, and they are MAD.  These people are inventing technology that *can* be used sustainably, but not addictively.  They are the ones who are starting to carry flip phones, and even *pagers* instead of having "the world" at their fingertips (and missing everything and everyone that is right where they are).  


    I will add one last thing:  a lot of what interests me in this coincides with a couple of other threads we have had lately concerning consumerism and morality, and I am finding the ties among these three topics very interesting.  The first essay I linked to in this post is one that starts to address how we *consume* people; another blog post that talks about consumerism (lightly--he has other long series on this topic) and the morality of how we live is one from a Christian perspective, is here:  https://blogs.ancientfaith.com/glory2godforallthings/2017/11/27/secular-kingdom-christmas-never-comes/.  I am tying in a lot of what he has written in the past, but this is the most recent article I'm working with on the convergence of technology, consumerism and morality.  


    Sorry you asked?  :0)


    :laugh: Not at all!  Thank you so much! 

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  5. I guess people don't understand how much better disabled people's lives are with social media and internet.


    Actually, I think that's what makes it so hard. People do see the benefit of the internet. If there were no benefits, there wouldn't be an issue -- we'd all unplug permanently. The difficulty lies in finding ways to keep the good and minimize the bad. Safety and security should surely take precedence. Without those, everything else becomes trivial.

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    For me the main takeaway is to realize we are all being emotionally manipulated. I don't think she outlined any steps. 

    I personally am thinking about leaving a lot of social media. Facebook is fun and useful sometimes. I would find it hard to homeschool without networking there.

    I started to pay attention to Twitter more and I feel like it is a scary echo chamber over there, especially if you follow people for real world issues, not just hobbies etc.


    And here's another one that popped on my feed (Reddit this time!) I haven't watched it yet, so sorry if it goes tinfoil hat.


    Former Facebook exec: "I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation; misinformation, mistruth. You are being programmed"



    I think the reason the talk seemed to lack a takeaway for me was that I was already aware of the general concepts of social media emotional manipulation. No Facebook/Twitter here, but thinking about it further, the talk was a good reminder to cut back on everything but the essentials on homeschool sites. (Even if there are no ads.)


    I was hopeful of some concrete ideas I haven't heard of before (like how to stay connected and up-to-date without any social media --including sites like this one) until she mentioned being on Facebook et al herself. Either it's a serious problem, or it's not. I'm aware that for some people not being on social media affects their livelihood. That may well be the case for her. Still, she mentions keeping in touch with friends and family via Facebook. Apparently her concern is not enough to find other ways to stay in touch.


    I'll try to watch the video later. Thanks. Love the quote.


    Former Facebook exec: "I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation; misinformation, mistruth. You are being programmed"

  7. Did I miss a crucial point, or was the talk's takeaway just that we need to do something? Did I miss realistic, concrete steps to take for change? Are whatever steps we think of ourselves just making us feel better, but not really changing anything? (In other words, is the information still being gathered? I've known situations where people jumped all sorts of hoops to protect privacy, but didn't know about one tiny little thing, so all their effort was entirely pointless.) 

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  8. I still don't have scores here, either, even though I am in a state that should get scores today.  :toetap05:


    My boys were recognized by NM, but I don't think it mattered at all for admissions.  In their situations, SAT scores were more important. They were not interested in the schools that offered big money for NM, but if they were, those schools also offered big money for high SAT scores.  So a student that has a bad testing day on the PSAT, still will have opportunities to be awarded merit money based on SAT and ACT scores, and will have more than one opportunity to get the necessary scores.



    It's especially frustrating when the scores should be available today. Maybe they release different states at different times?


    Thanks for your insights. My teen has the ACT score she needs and doesn't plan to take it again. I'm almost afraid to jinx things by having her take the SAT and possibly need to retake it if she has a bad test day for whatever reason. I truly will be happy either way with her PSAT scores. Thanks again, snowbeltmom!

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  9. My ds got his scores.  They were very good, but not good enough for the national merit scholarship range.  I guess it really doesn't change his plans of which college he thinks he's going to attend.  I was hoping he would get options of further choices.  But I'm not even sure he desires other choices.  




    No scores yet, but this is sort of where we are too. The schools my teen is interested in don't offer any $$ for NMF, and I'm not sure how much it matters for admissions at those schools. 


    As we wait for scores, I'm trying to frame it as a win-win scenario.


    If she makes the cut-off? Great! It might prove useful in some way. We'll proceed down that path...

    If she doesn't? Great! No need to worry about taking the SAT and doing whatever else is necessary to proceed. Time to focus on other scholarship opportunities and other ways to make sure the college applications are solid. Also, no need to wait months and months for the looong NMF process and results.


    It helps that there were friends that did and didn't make the cut-off last year. They all found suitable, affordable paths and are happy. 


    RootAnn is right -- scores don't define our kids. Nor do scores have complete control over the future. Some influence, yes, but the future is still wide open with many, many wonderful paths. 

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  10. Woodland Mist, thanks for posting this!  I signed up for their emails, but haven't gotten any, so I appreciate the info.   :)


    You're welcome! It sounds like it was a great class. Hopefully WTMA will offer something similar in the fall. (Although that won't help those panning to take it next semester. I hope everyone finds a suitable replacement!)

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  11. Still in a holding pattern here. Waiting for summer to do the (hopefully) final E/E. It's a toss up whether she'll submit for silver (which she already has all the hours for, just waiting on E/E) or gold (not all the hours in all categories yet, but maybe by summer). The E/E will be long enough for gold, so she should be OK either way with that. 


    Mirabillis, congrats to your ds on the bronze! 

  12. We finally received notification today about the Gold medal.  It did take a lot longer to hear than I thought.  We were hoping to know in time to include on ED college application, but that didn't happen!   At least we made it.


    Wonderful news! Congrats! 


    Did notification take more than 6-8 weeks? For some reason that's the number I have in my mind, but I'm not sure why.



    This week the Flylady is focused on Zone 2 Kitchen.


    Monday - Weekly home blessing - Our mission today is to wipe down cabinets! 


    Weekly home blessing is spending 10 minutes doing each of these:

    • Vacuuming
    • Dusting
    • quick mop
    • polish mirrors and door handles
    • purge magazines and catalogs
    • change all sheets 
    • empty trash. 

    Please join in on the fun when you would like! No time like today to start your way to an easier way to keep your house clean! 




    Love the expansion! Although it further decreases my ability to find excuses not to do the mission... <_<  ;)

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