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  1. Mr. Printables has some and a lot of other great printables. I'm not sure if they have a black and white option though. Also watch for Scholastic Dollar Deals sales as they frequently have file folder games and books for $1.00 only.
  2. That is very sad news. :( Prayers are being sent up for her family.
  3. I hope it goes well for you. We are doing Core H this year. We are in our 5th week since we started on July 23. My dd is most likely dyslexic (though never formally diagnosed) and has always disliked reading. We actually switched the reader and read aloud in SL. There are some readers that I will have her read, but I read aloud The King's Fifth and The Iron Peacock. She's been reading the read alouds alone...A Murder for Her Majesty and Out of Many Waters. The read aloud schedule is less reading and I also find the read aloud books a tad easier....the readers seem to have advanced vocabulary,
  4. It's strange because at first I thought that PR wasn't so great for teaching reading when I was in the thick of it with my now 7 year old. However, after going through PR 1, and seeing how much my dd has progressed in her reading without using any other "reading" program, I see now how PR served us well in that regard. In fact, I recently bought AAR 1 (we used the Pre-level which is just learning the letters, and some phonemic awareness) for my 6 year old. I thought I needed a real "learning to read" program instead of using PR for her. It turns out that I really dislike the way AAR teach
  5. I currently have 2 children in MUS. One in Primer and one finishing the last few lessons of Zeta and then moving on to Pre-Algebra. The older child always watches the dvd and I watch them with her. The younger one does much better if I watch the video alone and then teach her. So we do it differently depending on the child.
  6. In the past we used SL Science B and C, then like you, I heard that it was not a good science program. I went looking around for other things. I am not a science person, which basically meant we floundered on science for a couple of years. Then I went back to SL Science F this year and we really like it. I was just telling a good friend the other day that I wish I would have just stuck with SL and quit worrying about what other people said. It gets done, we enjoy the topics, the books, and the Dvd with the experiments. As long as it's working, don't change it. :)
  7. Thank you Ellie, I'm glad to know that. :) Thank you for clarifying. I only have AAS 1 and 2 and I admit I haven't looked closely at any other AAS levels. Yes, the Teacher's Manual has the instructions for the games. Since I'll have several children using the AAR games and a large portion of the workbook is non-consumable fluency pages, I decided to take the whole workbook, color things in and laminate everything so that I could re-use it all. I even laminated those word flippers, and spiral-bound them with my proclick. Then I made another booklet of all the Fluency pages.
  8. Oh and another thing, AAR is supposed to be 8 levels. Some of those levels might not be ready when you need them. So I believe Spalding is probably more complete, it's finished right now. Also doesn't Spalding include grammar, handwriting, and latin roots? PR does, I don't know enough about Spalding to know. AAR/AAS doesn't include those things.
  9. I think you should stick with Spalding. I used Phonics Road with my older dd (accelerated through some of the levels) and also use PR with my 7 year old. I believe that PR is similar to Spalding. With my 6 year old, who really struggled learning letter names and such, I decided to give AAR a try. I also own levels 1 and 2 of AAS. To me, PR is so much easier to get done. AAS/AAR is so scripted that the Teacher's manual is cumbersome to me. We covered the pre-level in AAR and started AAR level 1. But I do not really like the way that AAR has the child reading words right off the bat when th
  10. That is adorable, yay for box day. What fun!! :)
  11. I can sympathize with you on the high shipping costs!! I need to purchase a Primer student book, but I have been holding off because right now I only need the workbook and don't want to pay such high shipping for one book. I wish other places like Rainbow Resource would carry MUS then I could get free shipping along with the rest of my homeschool order. MUS sells the Student Workbook and Test booklet together. I don't think you can order the workbook alone, but maybe if you call them they will let you do that. I like having the tests, but I suppose you could get by without them and just u
  12. Well there's a few here at Mr. Printables. Also check Scholastic and watch for the dollar deals they do. Often when they have the Dollar sales they have file folder games, even whole ebooks of file folder games, so you can get some super cheap that way.
  13. I have considered buying the Montessori House albums for a while now, but haven't taken the plunge. I love the idea of Montessori, I have some of the Montessori Materials and try to incorporate some into our school. I do find it difficult to do true Montessori at home though. The problem for me has been storage of everything and I don't have enough space to set out a prepared environment with shelves and trays. I do have the Montessori at Home ebook and I think it's great. It's very practical for those trying to do Montessori at home.
  14. I also wanted to add that I'm actually looking forward to trying this program again next year with my dd (currently in 2nd grade). After looking over it again, I think it will be a good fit for her. From reading my responses above it may seem that I have a negative opinion about this program. I did find things that I thought were weak- Science and Language Arts. However, there is still very much to like about TGTL. It is very comprehensive in the history department. I love how they have you reading a book about the topic and also your child reading a different book about the topic. Reading two
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