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  1. We never used FLL or WWE, however since we are Charlotte Mason inspired we have done narrations before. My dd is 7th grade and doing really well with ALL and WWS so far. I think the grammar would be just fine to jump right in. With WWS,I say you should give it a try. The 5 week sample is available on SWB's blog. If you find your child is having trouble summarizing then you may need to take a little time there or back up to WWE 4.
  2. Hmmm.. I'm never good with time. I never know how long something takes us in school. :) So keep that in mind. We've only done the first week (3 lessons a week) and so far it's been really quick. I think we spend no more than 15-20 minutes.
  3. Thank you SWB. I did email Pattie about the writing and have received the larger sample of WWS, so we should be covered on that one until it's available for purchase. :) I'll email her when we get close to finishing the sample of ALL. Our first week was great and I had so much agony on what we were going to use for grammar. I'm glad I had this available to try. :)
  4. My 12 year old dd covered the first week of ALL this week since our school is back in session. I just want to say that we are LOVING ALL! I hope you can find a way to complete the next level in time for the next school year. Thanks for supplying us with the samples. We are going to continue with this as long as long as you have something for us to do. :)
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