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  1. Thank you sooo much CAtoVA very helpful info. I'm not on here often, could someone post a link to the master class list? Where do I look on this site for this list?
  2. Thanks for the info:) Will look into them. Anyone else have experience with outsourcing writing. Really need advice in this subject!
  3. I need to outsource writing instruction for my kiddos. I really like ability in this subject, so I need an instructor who can take their work critique it, fix and explain grammar problems etc... My kids are great readers but because of lack of instruction really beginners at writing. Ages are 8-13. I've been looking at iew's boot camp and regular semesters. Anyone have experience using this online program? Anyone use any other online course with a live instructor? Experiences... I'm not sure where to look lol. TIA:)
  4. I'm currently using ss with my two older kiddos. We've been using it for two years now. Both are advanced readers but were terrible spellers. I had them do aas up to level 3. I believe ss recommends that they at least be at aas level 3 but don't quote me I might be recollecting incorrectly lol. I got them ss for the computer. They do it completely independent of me. I think it takes them less than ten minutes a day. I use a coiled lined notebook with the day numbers on each page. They listen for the word, attempt to spell it and correct the word right after if they spell it wrong. So far so good. I've seen a real improvement. I use dvds but I believe they offer an online option. I wonder if they offer a trial???
  5. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for the links. I'm looking for a line template ( like the three holed punched paper) where I can type the passage out and they can copy down below themselves. Any other suggestions.
  6. I'm looking for a free online lined paper template that I can type in for copywork etc... Any suggestions??? TIA
  7. readingeggs.com. It's an online phonics program. They offer a free trial. I've used it on four of my children successfully.
  8. I used it successfully with 2 of my kids. They had a good grasp on the concept but needed a little help memorizing the trickier facts.
  9. There's also xtramath. Math fact practice but really boring...my kids hated it and begged not to do it. Every kid is different though. It is free so you could always try it and see what your kids think.
  10. We used Reflex math for both kids. I also had them play on sumdog...free online...not sure if it systematically goes over the facts but the kids enjoy it.
  11. thanks hunter! i just ordered the dictionary...thanks for the tip :)
  12. sounds interesting hunter...got any links to some examples?
  13. sheppard software, reflex math, brainpop junior...sorry for the multiple posts
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