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  1. Well, I'm sure we'd prefer biblical greek....I think. But I'm sure Rosetta Stone is probably modern and I need to accept whichever form I can get in a curriculum that he can be totally independent with...and if that has to be modern, then so be it.
  2. I hope I'm posting in the write forum.... My son who will be in 8th next year wants to take Greek. I absolutely do not know any Greek nor do I have time to learn or teach it! So.....I'm assuming Rosetta Stone will be the way to go, but I want to be sure I'm not overlooking any options. I need a good curriculum that will not need my involvment. Is Rosetta Stone my only option? I wouldn't want to spend any more money than I would on Rosetta Stone....
  3. Cleopatra, thank you....how old are your kids? Do you think age has a part in the interst level of this program? Flyingiguana, thank you also for your input...how old are your kids?
  4. I think I'm going to have my daughter do the 7 day trial..at least test it out. But I really would LOVE to hear from someone who has done the whole program...at least the first year....SOMEBODY???
  5. I'm confused by your thoughts on price. I've been looking at the site myself. Its $299 for a 5 level course. Not just one year. Not just 2. Compared to Rosetta Stone, BJU, etc. that's pretty darn cheap in my opinion. Also, I was impressed by the video...true, I can't stop it, but didn't really want to.
  6. I have definitely found that giving multiple deadlines throughout is a necessary tool that works!!
  7. I just stumbled upon this on the HSLDA page....has anyone ever used it? What are your thoughts?
  8. juggle.... but ask dh to help you be creative. Tell him you want to do this for him but need help in making other things workable. If you seem like you really want to do this for him, he may feel more motivated and creative to help you figure out the logistics of it.
  9. Thanks for the thoughts so far...I guess I didn't even think of any video time since he's only watched one so far.... I guess in desperation I could do that a couple times a week. The thing with nap time is he's so inconsistant....maybe I just need to be better consistent with how I schedule other things. Appointments always throw us off and fitting in grocery time. I'm reading Managers of Their Homes. Maybe I really need to force myself into making these things a fixed part of the schedule to the best of my ability......
  10. So at the beginning of the school year, ds2 will be 18 months old. My ds1 is 12 and my dd is 16. I still need to cover several courses, especially vocabulary, writing and science with ds1 and writing, vocab and spelling and maybe some other things with dd. We are hoping to have some hired help, but am not sure it will happen....so assuming it does NOT, what are some things you do to make school go well with such a young one at home? I need some creativity so that this year can go better....I REALLY want the time with the older kids and I need time to do cooking and general household stuff.
  11. Thanks for your responses. I really like the persuasive essay thought since we are focusing on those next year!! For clarification: MFW? Probably an easy one, but I'm new here....haven't been doing this all along.... I'll check out the link. Thanks!!:)
  12. I see no reason to be offended. While we want others to understand our thoughts on grade levels, it is impossible to expect them to without an explanation and long discussion.....I just see it as a reasonable questions based on their perspective. If I want them to understand MY perspective, then I must try to understand theirs. I can simply explain and pray they have understanding...if they dont, I can keep praying.
  13. All I can say is we just started using it. DD really needs to improve her vocabulary and someone recommended this program to me that really liked it. So I'm starting Book A with both mydd (going into 11th) and my ds (going into 7th). I was hoping to get through several of the books with her next year while just the one with ds. I am planning on making some of my own review lessons with her throughout to improve retention. I don't think ANY program will work without constant review ...so I just plan to implement the constant review myself.
  14. How many research papers do your hs students write and how do you go about grading them?
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