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  1. Thank you so much ladies for the replies and links. You have made my morning 🙂
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone can direct me to a lesson plan or unit study about the Nile River. I would be using it for elementary and maybe even Junior High. Thank you!
  3. I've been out of the loop for a while what does CC stand for? Thanks! Michelle
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know of any particular curriculum or resource(s) that teach about explorers and exploration? Thanks! Michelle
  5. Thanks so much for the responses thus far. I really do appreciate the input. I think taking a couple of classes might be a good idea just to try it out. What I wouldn't want happening though is for her to be on top of the outside classes and then leave what we do at home to the side. In the end I guess it really does depend on the student and how they will handle it. Back to square one :glare: but with a little more clarity.
  6. My oldest will be entering HS this fall. As much as I hate to admit it I have a hard time getting her to finish her work or showing and drive for working through assignments until they're finished. My husband says she has no motivation. She does understand things fairly quickly and picks up concepts with out a problem, but she drags her feet with school work. Her sister, who is not as quick, seems to have more desire and discipline to finish her work. I have thought at times that the work may be too easy, so I have come up with more challenging material, but that is then met with groans. I have also asked her if she wants to go to school and she has said she does not want to, so I feel very confused at times. Anyway the reason I'm posting is to get some insight from those who have used online schools or accreditation services. Has this helped your child be more enthusiastic about finishing their work? Did it change their attitude? I have the option of enrolling her, but we really could do much better with keeping he money in our pockets. I wouldn't even really be doing it so much for the accreditation, but more for her to be held accountable by someone other than myself. When I think about it that way I think it's rediculous to spend so much money if those are my reasons. So please, I need the advice of those who have been there.
  7. I'm still looking around at whats available for my soon to be high schooler. I flip flop between thinking I can do this myself and wanting my dd to have to be accountable to someone else. The whole "accreditation" issue haunts me too. Anyhow I was looking at Oak Meadow and I'm really drawn to the curriculum as a whole. OM carries a hefty price tag though, I would be willing to try it out for one year. K12 is something we may be able to use through the state. I have read mixed reviews about it. I have also read many negative things when K12 is used through the state. I do realize that both are really different, but I think they seem to be something we could use. I would really like to hear the experiences anyone has had with either curriculum and if you solely used one or the other. I was hoping to use just one curriculum for all of the classes. Thanks, M
  8. Lanny, Julie, and Cat woman thanks so much for your response. Its strange you still haven't heard anything from them after so long. Im still mulling over everything here. Sometimes I think I want to do things myself others I feel like I want that "accreditation" and someone else over my dd's head. From what I have read though it can turn out to be a good thing or a disaster. I'm looking at other places to now. Hoping I can pick some someone's brain about them :) Thanks, Michelle
  9. I have been MIA for a long time on the boards. My oldest is finally HS age and I was looking in to University of Nebraska's high school program. Has anyone used it? If so what is your opinion? I am also looking at Keystone. Thanks!
  10. I haven't come on to the boards for quite some time and I just found this thread. Tomorrow I actually have an appointment to see my MW, strange. I had my four daughters at home (last was a waterbirth) with Cara Muhlhahn she's a wonderful MW. Many women I know have had her as well. She had been already involved in midwifery/obstetrics for more than 20 years before she participated in the documentary. Since the documentary she has been referred to as a "celebrity MW" like she became a MW during or after the movie, nonsense. We're planning on or fifth and I'm actually off to see her tomorrow for an appointment.:001_smile: Oh and BTW since having my first daughter back in 1999 it seems that the MW's (and home birthing ones at that) in the tri-state (NY) have tripled. Michelle
  11. I did the 30 day shred religiously for 30 days. I recall the shaking muscles and having to lay down after some sessions from literally feeling like I was going to throw up or collapse. I did not lose any weight and maybe just lost inches (I am not an over weight person and have always kept an exercise routine, maybe that has something to do with it). I did feel stronger in the end than when I first started. About 3 weeks into it I started to notice my knees were cracking a lot. I have been exercising for about 15 years so I am pretty familiar with proper form. 1.5 years later if I place my hand on my right knee and flex it, back and forth, I can feel it crack and crunch, this was a result of the 30 day shred. If I were given the chance to go back and do it all over, I would not do it and I do not recommend this workout to friends. I don't believe that it gives enough rest in between days. I went back to doing my pilates with Jennifer Kries and have been ok with that. Whatever you decide....Happy training!
  12. It was our first day today too. It got started off a little slow. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better ;) Michelle
  13. I ran in to the same dilemma. What I have decided to do is just file paper work and being that I will be saving time with not having to run around and get paper work I will just quickly look over the (already made) file on the weekend and get the manipulatives or supplies at that time. I wanted to have every single thing organized with my files, but I felt I was going to burn myself out. I'm ok with this an not beating myself up over it. The fact that I am almost done filing 32 weeks for 4 kids is enough to make me feel good. Hang in there! Michelle
  14. I have a friend who has her kids in P.S. and she wants to cover certain topics she feels they don't have a good grasp on. Her eldest will be entering 6th grade and is still having problems with fractions and most likely anything that comes after that too. Which math curriculum or books can I suggest that she can use with her children to get the most out of before school starts again in September? Thanks, Michelle
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