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  1. I posted this in 2018. I've been getting response notices in my email and was surprised. I'm glad for the new recs. Thanks to whomever revived it. 🙂
  2. I searched for previous threads, but didn't find any. If you've ever been through unemployment and had to find health insurance for your family, what did you get? I'm overwhelmed and uneducated at the options available. I know about the Christian healthcare sharing ministries (Samaritian's, etc), but I'm not stuck on using them if there is a cheaper option. Unfortunately, how much it will cost is our first priority. COBRA was a ridiculous and unrealistic monthly payment for being unemployed, especially since severance was only one paycheck. 😞 I've looked at health.gov, but got overwhelmed and haven't had it in me to take the time to read over it all and try to understand it. Thanks for guidance and advice.
  3. Thanks to you both! I'm sorry that I didn't give details, but we've already done the FAFSA and received the award info from the jr college. She was already given an unsubsidized and subsidized loan (small). We wouldn't qualify for a pell grant. What about info on the various loan companies out there. Do you know of any that are better to choose from? We're needing to cover the rest required. We were surprised the EFC wasn't better since we will have two in college now. It's like they never even considered it. These are newer waters for us. Thanks again for any advice/info. you can share from personal experience.
  4. We have one current college student (finished 1st year) and one going in Fall 2020. They will both do student loans. This isn't a discussion about whether or not they should do that, but rather I'm looking for help deciding *which* company(s) to look into. Our 1st student went with Sallie Mae and is out of state (but the university he attends doesn't charge out of state tuition, it's the same price for everyone who attends, in state or out of state). Our 2nd student will be going to an in-state junior college, TX. Has anyone used the Texas Education loan program? 5% is pretty good. Thanks for any recs.
  5. Thank you. I'm having him call Wholesale tomorrow. I'll add Smitty's too. I had him call Apple and Lynchburg Auto Glass (I think that was it). He called Safelite first. So far, the prices are 300, 298, 259. I'm hoping Wholesale, and now Smitty's, can beat those. Thank you, again!
  6. I wish. We have to pay deductible first and then they'll cover it. Deductible is higher than paying for replacement ourselves.
  7. My son is a student at Liberty Univ in Lynchburg, VA. He needs to get his windshield replaced. Safelite is more than we’d like to spend. Does anyone have a good, affordable rec for windshield replacement companies there? We’d like to spend no more than 150-200 at most. Thanks.
  8. Oh, yeah, that would be more helpful. We are wanting relaxing, romantic, beach, spa, not real adventurous, but seeing cool sites or something would be fun. Like a honeymoon. Wanting to get our money’s worth, so staying a week or a Sunday to Saturday or something like that. Hotel or resort.
  9. DH and I are wanting to go to Hawaii for our 25th and a 2nd honeymoon. We've never been and noone we know has been either. We need help and advice. Does anyone have a trusted travel site that they use to plan vacations? Has anyone used the Costco travel service? Something else? I would love your own expert advice if you've traveled to Hawaii. We are planning for summer of 2020. Thanks!
  10. Thanks! I wonder how early? An hour before they open or more?
  11. Has anyone gone to Waco and to the new Magnolia Table restaurant? I'm wondering how early to get there so that we can be in line to actually eat there since they don't take reservations or a waiting list? They are only opened until 3pm. Thanks!
  12. I've heard about these over the years, too, but I found having to order through someone wasn't for me. I've always heard positive things about them, though. A friend used them and really raved about them.
  13. I just wanted to check in and let y'all know an update. DS has decided to go on to his college of choice. He was accepted during the military deciding time and after reading some these responses and just taking time to think and pray through his decisions and having some conversations about things, he decided that he wouldn't make a commitment right now. He has always been motivated to go to college after high school and the military option mostly tickled his ears and made him feel patriotic to serve his country, but reality set in over time and he felt strongly to just go with his first decision and then consider things as time goes on, either reserves, ROTC, or enlisting after college to help pay it back. Thanks so very much for the responses and thank all of y'all who have served our great country! My family is more than thankful for you. Blessings to y'all and a good school year!
  14. Yay! Thank y'all so much for your responses! This is exactly what I needed and I feel prepared to get what we need. My DH liked the Costco brand price, but I was skeptical and we've gotten by with the D3 that he buys, but I wasn't going to get anymore. However, since I've seen a couple of responses that are favorable for the Costco brand, I'm encouraged and will have to tell hubby. ? I will check for bioavailable and oil coated, too. I've used NOW brand over time, too, because they were more affordable, so I'm glad to know that they are good, too. Y'all have been great help! Thank you! Have a blessed day and school year!
  15. I know some people are very passionate about health products/brands and that's wonderful, however, I have to be a good steward of our finances and I want to be able to buy the best brand that's affordable, even if it's not *the* absolute best on the market. I know there are some that are a total waste, but then there are some that are doable and just fine, but not what the purist would buy. Thanks for any recs. We have a Costco and Sam's membership if that helps. I'm specifically looking for a good multivitamin for adults, teen children (17 & 15), and children (8 & 6). Thanks!
  16. Oh, forgot one more question... What is the reality of basic and barrack living? I can only imagine what a bunch of young adult men might do when they get together (not higher rank because of the consequences at that level, I'm sure), especially the jerks (sorry, I know some personally). I can envision bullying, hazing, initiation-type stuff and no one telling because "you just don't do that". I know it might be a step up from what I'm imagining because it is the military after all, but some of that might still go on, am I right? Sigh. Sorry if I sound like a prude, but...need to know and not ashamed to ask. This might also be why many suggest ROTC or going in as an officer? Thanks for honest answers.
  17. Thank you, again, for all this wonderful information, insight, advice, sharing experiences... it is so incredibly helpful! We're still learning and I have a few questions regarding ROTC and Reserves... ROTC... Can anyone do this at their particular college/univ or is it only if you are awarded the scholarship and chosen? Also, does the 8 year commitment include the 4 years of college or does the 8 years begin after graduation? After college option... If he goes to college just as he would normally, non-military, could he then enlist and still be considered an officer or be able to go to officer's training when he enlists or would he still start out as a private (?)/beginning recruit? (sorry, I don't know what the appropriate title is...) Reserves... He's not seeing much financial help for school with this option, can you help us understand it better? Also, is he committed to the Reserves after college as well or is it just during his college years up to graduation? And, would he still go to basic with this option and then just come back home to begin college wherever he decides to go? Who is best to talk to about reserves? The recruiter we talked to said he was more active duty recruitment. Is there a different recruiter for Reserves? Other military branches... Are other military branches similar in what they offer for tuition help, jobs, etc.? Thanks again!
  18. Thank you ALL for your time and responses! I appreciate every single one and I am sharing them with DS, too. Thank you!
  19. Thanks for your responses. I should have also specified that he DOES want to go to college and joining the military is a path that he is considering to help him pay for that. He is also now thinking about choosing the active duty, 20 year route in order to get all the benefits plus work on his degree and then basically "retire" from the military to begin drawing retirement after 20 years to then begin his civilian job in his career and degree field, hopefully. We know a couple of military friends who did this. The recruiter explained that the Army has really become education focused and if you want to pursue a degree, you may begin doing online classes with any university in the county after a certain time frame and while serving. He is also thinking about reserves and the officer route after college. We have a friend whose son is doing this now and I'm going to talk to her, too. I'll read the article you linked, too, Lori. He's a researcher/information gatherer and has already checked out the physical test requirements. ? He enjoys fitness and working out, so he should do good there, but it helps to see the requirements. Any other info, helpful advice is welcome! Thanks!
  20. We don't have any military experience in our families, but support our military 100% and have always been very patriotic and appreciative of the country we live in. We are so proud of him if he chooses this path, but would like to hear any real life experiences, info, advice... We talked to a recruiter yesterday and it sounds great and DS is pretty excited and motivated, but hearing real life experiences and info would be helpful, especially for Mom. ? Educationally, how did the submitting diploma/transcript work? I did see info. on the HSLDA website that was helpful. Thanks!
  21. I'm searching and I'm afraid to book something site unseen. Can anyone offer an affordable hotel in the Pensacola area? As much as I would love to do a resort or beach house, we just don't have that kind of $$$ to spend right now. Thanks!
  22. So Verbose. We've used it this year and I've been pleased with it. However, I'm looking into Excelsior and Classes by Beth next year for a live option that my older kids like better. So Verbose has been better than Write at Home, which we took a few years ago. Hope you find something hat works for you. https://www.soverbose.com
  23. I know a few people that take through High School Math Live and love it, especially Brenda Barnett (she's the "owner" and teacher as well). I'm not sure about Regina London, though, sorry. The Algebra teacher is good, too, from what I've heard. I can't remember her name, it she's still teaching through HSML. The Geometry teacher is the only one I've heard concerns about. You either do good with her or you don't. She just doesn't "mesh" well with everyone with her teaching. Some students "get" her and some students are lost as a goose. She's nice, but just not for some students. I think her name is Joy Combs (? not sure of the last name).
  24. My friend's children have taken a few years of Spanish through The Potter's School. They are rigorous and may have what you are looking for at that level. I know my friends' children were enrolled in a conversational class along with their Spanish class.
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