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  1. There are these two systems at Walmart. I don't know which one to choose. We have the 16x32 size Intex pool. They both seem the same except for price. Thanks! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Intex-Krystal-Clear-Saltwater-System-15-000-Gallon/40900286 http://www.walmart.com/ip/Intex-Krystal-Clear-Saltwater-System-15-000-Gallon/19336123
  2. I can't find a Mac compatible program for this? Do you have a Windows or Mac? Do you know if there is a Mac version? A quick search didn't turn anything up.
  3. I was wondering if there was something like this. Thanks for mentioning it.
  4. Is this the dvd that goes with it? https://www.amazon.com/Resources-Chapter-Beginning-Intermediate-Algebra/dp/0321715721/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1467860725&sr=8-10&keywords=lial%27s+algebra+dvd
  5. I'm trying to decide if I'll do this for ds15. He didn't complete Geo. here and this would also be a good intro to AP. Thanks!
  6. Sounds good! Thanks for the input. It's on sale right now, too! :)))
  7. American History is definitely NOT an afterthought in our family. RR counts for 3 credits and also takes care of World History and is well done. Thanks for the curriculum suggestions, though.
  8. I've planned for my ds15 to take the RR Old Western Culture courses all throughout high school. He will begin Greeks this year (10th) and then do Romans and then Modern. Since those are full load courses, how do I also have him take a full year of American History? Curriculum suggestions? Timing suggestions on how to do it? I'm thinking of just sliding it into an "elective" slot on our schedule. Thoughts? Curriculum options? Just read lots of great books, biographies, use supplemental teaching aids (RR has an American History dvd course), other ideas??? Thanks.
  9. My ds, 15, will be taking Geometry this next school year. He is finishing up an Alg.1/Geo curriculum from this year and it has been so-so. I ended up not liking the set up of the program and the way it grades, but it is what it is. I also wish I would have chosen a strictly Algebra 1 curriculum. But, again, hindsight and can't go back... So, looking ahead to 11th grade and Algebra 2, I'm considering having him do a remedial Alg.1 course over that summer or something that could help brush up his algebra skills before Alg. 2 and also kind of complete that Algebra 1 course, too? Thoughts? What would I choose that would fit this? Would the Key To... series fit this? Online type course? (this would be ideal!) What else??? Thanks.
  10. Their pricing is confusing me. :confused1:
  11. Did you do the individual class option ($340)? How many classes is needed to complete level 1?
  12. Just need to fulfill a FL credit and give him a college ready transcript. He is not interested in Spanish as his college major, but having a good understanding and ability to speak it is always a good thing. We live in Texas and there is a large hispanic population here, so it would also be a good speaking skill to have. I want more than just a fun program, but not too intimidating or rigorous. Fun is okay as long as he is learning vocabulary, sentence structure/grammar, practical conversation practice, but I would also like assessments to garner a grade and also if he's understanding. Thanks.
  13. I guess I'm wondering how will I know that this will fulfill a credit? Thanks again for the suggestion. I've not heard of this program and it looks affordable. Important! :)
  14. Thank you. Does it do assessments (assignments, tests, quizzes) and give grades at the end? Or, is it just a program to use and learn?
  15. My son is finishing up BJU distance learning Spanish 1, but he won't complete it and I think I'm wanting him to retake it as an full online class, not anything that requires me. (I would consider him just continuing it into next year until he finishes, but I have to return it to BJU within a certain amount of time or buy it all over again for another year, which isn't desireable or necessary). I'm only having him do 2 years of FL. He will be a 10th grader, so even if I wanted him to take 3 years he would still have time. What Spanish classes are offered online and just basic and not intimidating, but a full class. We are just needing to fulfill a credit. Thanks!
  16. Roman Roads Media Old World Culture Greeks (live class) Bravewriter- 2 classes (is this enough?) Fundamentals of Literature- should have done last year, but doing it fall semester (BJU distance learning through Dec.) Geometry Biology Spanish 2 (BJU right now, but I would like an affordable, online option that grades for me. Completely independent.) Logic (Roman Roads Media live class) Starting Points (at home, but may look into a local class that is offered) All his classes are out of my hands, except Spanish, which is what we need. He is taking a CAD/Engineering Design computer class weekly and will begin music lessons again. I'm needing electives. I think the CAD class could count as one. That will end in Sept./Oct. when he gets to 40 hours and receives a certificate of completion. I was thinking about these options for electives. Not sure what to use for them, but I am thinking about LifePac or Monarch. I need something independent and grades for me, preferably, but independent is fine, too. Business Info. Systems Health (again... he did Abeka on his own, but his quiz and test scores weren't great. I really don't want to have a C on his transcript for Health, which should have been easy. But, this year has been his first year of tests/quizzes and learning how to study for them and take them. What do you think? Should I have him do it again? He can test well and do well in a "real" class because he took Honors IPC at a co-op and performed well for a teacher. He got a high B, almost an A.) Geography (he didn't finish it this year. Should we re-do this as a class? Maybe try our first AP class through PA Homeschoolers? I'm not afraid to push him. He is college bound and could use the push and expectations.) Speech (just doing IEW Speech boot camp or LifePac/Monarch) I'm open to advice, suggestions, critique. Thanks!
  17. Today is the last day to upgrade for free. I keep getting the update notifications. I know there's always issues with new upgrades. Should I upgrade? Thanks.
  18. He's currently doing BJU distance learning and using Duolingo as well.
  19. I'm wanting to see if my ds15 could stop his Spanish 1 course where he's at and honestly get credit for it or to see how far he has to go to complete it and can move on to Spanish 2. (we've had a couple of years of catch up for school in general due to moving and some stressful family issues/illnesses over the years including a car wreck that killed a close family member, so I've been slowly keeping it going, but we want a summer break) I have no clue about specifics of Spanish levels, so I'm wondering if there is an online, free assessment that would tell me. Does this exist? For other subjects, too? Thanks!
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