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  1. Oh sorry I missed that. And that the leaders imploded. I agree that travel is key. Before everything that was my goal, to get the girls out and about as much as we could. Now I'm not entirely sure what to do. We aren't allowed to meet in person yet and I doubt that we'll be able to before January. Even after that our options will be limited as well. Your troop is 1st year Cadettes, right? We're a tiny little troop of 5-6 girls but if your girls ever want penpals a little older, let me know. 🙂
  2. I'm so sorry about your troop. What was their plan? Didn't they extend the deadline for it? My dd12 barely got her Bronze and dd14 just squeaked the Silver paperwork in so I decided to have them start way early for their next awards. Plus sophomore year is the last year that they have any free time in high school so I wanted dd14 to work on it now. I'm also hoping that working on their Silvers will keep my Cadettes involved in GS. We've been meeting virtually since late May and through the summer but I figure with ongoing plans it'll be harder to just quit. I hope. Gold is so intimi
  3. My boys are out of Scouts now, one earned his Eagle, one will not, which is fine. My girls are both working on the highest awards for their GS levels, dd12 her Silver and dd14 her Gold. My dd12's project deals with period poverty in our local schools while the schools themselves are closed. I'm so proud of her--she's let meetings with school district department heads and has organized everything on her own. DD14's project is a bigger deal because Gold is huge and she's stuck in the paperwork quagmire which is squashing her motivation so I'm trying to get her to finish everything as quick
  4. My troops actually redistribute cookie numbers on a case by case basis and have for years. No one has ever said anything about it or seemed to care but that's partly because the troops aren't super into cookies. I can guarantee the not a single parent or girl is keeping a spreadsheet, except for me. And it's not necessarily a strict policy that I will for anyone. By case to case I'm not talking cases of cookies. I mean I'll look at the cookie totals at the end of cookie season: Girl A has 254 so she gets the prizes up to 250 boxes with 4 random ones left. Girl B and Girl C are 4 away from thei
  5. DS18, dh, and I just got home from ds’ Eagle BoR. He passed! Thank goodness. We are super proud of him and his Scouting journey and deeply relieved that he passed.
  6. My kids have about 3 weeks off. The high schoolers end Dec. 20, the middle and elementary kids end December 21. They all go back on January 14. It’s long enough to actually go somewhere so we try to get out and about after Jan.1 every year.
  7. DS17 had his Eagle Project work day today. They had enough volunteers that those not needed to place the signs spent time cleaning the trail. They found several engine blocks so we told DS15 (16 on Wednesday) that he should keep cleaning and maybe he'll find enough to make a car. Things went really well and the recipient is pleased. He then spent a good portion of the afternoon on the paperwork and smiling. It was a good day. I've attached a picture of one of the signs--the numbers are tied to a location that 911 and the Rangers have. Hopefully people will be safer after today.
  8. You do. The class next to the one I'm in most often is the non-ambulatory kids that need the most help. It's amazing what those teachers and subs do. They deserve every bonus they can get! And more pay on a day-to-day basis.
  9. If you were here you’d be getting bonuses and roses strewn at your feet. The school districts around here are desperate for SpEd teachers. Our rates are somewhat higher which is good. We also get bumps at our 20th and 40th days working. I think aides get an hourly wage that’s equivalent to subs but I’m not sure—it’s not something I’ve looked into doing.
  10. That’s a good question. It does encompass history—basically any social sciences. My undergrad focused on European history and politics so I’m qualified to teach that, American History, government, those kinds of subjects. I wouldn’t go out and teach psychology though. I have a couple of ideas about why there are no jobs. In most states History/Social Studies isn’t a tested subject so there is less stress about teaching specific things. Also, while history is important and teaches skills, it’s not a skill like writing, math, or science. Most people don’t go up and say, “I’m a good histori
  11. I’m a certificated Social Studies teacher which means I’m pretty unemployable unless I want to go back to get more certifications. So I substitute teach. Overall it’s pretty good. I only sub in middle and high schools because I would be a terrible elementary school teacher. My kids go to 3/4 of the schools I’m in so it’s fun to see them and have them stop by the room I’m in. And it makes school pickup easier. ? The pay is decent and usually the students are. It’s flexible which is really nice. I couldn’t raise a family on the pay but it’s enough to put some away for college or fun st
  12. I must be in a good GS Council or something because there are older girl activities and a Council-wide group for older girls that want to hike and camp. It’s outside of the Troop so you need to know about it but it’s offered and very popular. My odd is a Cadette so I don’t have experience with high schoolers but so far she’s stayed interested. I’m her leader’s co and my ydd’s leader so I know that has something to do with it. But we make Journeys fun but doing them in a day or picking the Outdoor Journeys. We also don’t do a lot of crafts—partly because they cost money and I’d rather not
  13. My son scheduled his Eagle Project work day for next Saturday. We may survive this and he may actually earn it. There has been a series of annoying events and miscommunications over the past few months and he has a month in which to finish everything. But he’s getting there and now knows how tenacious you have to be to get something accomplished. Please cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly and if you’re in the area next weekend, let me know. He’ll put you to work! ?
  14. I just had a basal cell carcinoma taken off my nose in May. I keep the area completely covered with a small bandaid right now so the skin can heal without getting any sun. But for the rest of my fave I use EltaMD. It’s tinted so I can wear it like foundation and can reapply easily in the afternoons. It was recommended by my dermatologist and I really like it. Oh, and the area is still bumpy but getting better. The plastic surgeon said to give it a year. Some of my stitches finally worked their way out last week. That was weird.
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