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  1. Hi, I couldn't tell if your History Odyssey books have sold? Do you still have those available? Thanks

  2. Did you know you aren't even my friend on here yet .. geez! How can that be?

  3. hey there.. I just posted the links over at my visitor message site in case you are interested. ;-) The first one is the one we used, but there was another set of 5 that might be good as well that I linked to. I guess it depends how much she wants to know!


    This was the one we used.. along with the 04 video after that. You should be able to find it on the youtube side bar to the right.



    I found another one .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLftl2fzivA as well that has 5 parts. I haven't watched them though, but perhaps it was be good as well.

  5. Oh wow... your page is CRAZY! ;-) ;-)

  6. You are more than welcome! I very much appreciate you sharing your ups and downs with us. I hope others also start opening up more with what they are doing. People come up with so many different resources, and it's nice to find new things and be able to self educate using some of it.

  7. Hi there.. I noticed you were from the PNW.. East side or West? I'm in farm country on the eastern side of the cascade mountains... between Wenatchee & Spokane. ;-)

  8. Thanks for all of your help with questions and such... glad to see you on the CO-OP blog, and hopefully at the next meeting. It was a great group the other day!

  9. Hi there... I was just noticing you were a Washingtonian.. at least with your group memberships. I need to learn how to work this forum a bit more, join a few groups and find some friends. Thanks for the invite! I love to visit the Wet Side. Here it's all sunshine & wind.... we are in wheat harvest for another week here on the farm.

  10. Hey there! Glad to have a friend on here now.

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