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  1. Kindle books on sale today. I don't know about either of them and am not sure if I should get them or not. Killing Reagan: The Violent Assault That Changed a Presidency The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey
  2. Robin, thank you, as always! I read Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II and Her Court - 3 Stars - As many of you may already know, I love all things English, monarchy, basically anything to do with the Queen. This biography was interesting, although I knew most of it already. There were certain parts – the sections on government – that were a bit boring and slow.The Princess Anne story had me smiling. She was in my dream the other night! I loved how she was portrayed in "The Crown".One of my favorite stories in this book was when Ceausescu and his wife visited. See my review, if you're intere
  3. Something I just read the other day. That 13:1 ratio and that 96% are both quite telling. "Self-identified liberals outnumber conservatives in journalism by a ratio of thirteen to one. In 2016, 96 percent of the media’s political donations went to Hillary Clinton. Only 9.2 percent of academic faculty members identify as conservative. The late-night shows are almost exclusively dedicated to ridiculing conservatives. Hollywood actors take great pleasure in using their platforms to express their discontent with the opinions of half the country. And should any of these po
  4. Yes, one would HOPE that you are correct and that would be the case. Hence why I wrote my original post above with regards to the BBC covering up the Holocaust. I then read a post basically defending the BBC, whom I don't believe needs a defense. Why is anyone defending any news organization? They're all biased anyway. Every single one of them. They certainly don't need our sympathy and support. They can write their own checks. She also wrote, "I did not write this post to convince you, but tell you from where I am coming from." When I wrote, "Everyone's going to believe what they're going to
  5. I read that Fox doesn't use that slogan anymore. CNN's slogan is "The Most Trusted Name in News! Ha ha! I almost choked on my water!
  6. Who cares who said it? It's a good quote regardless. This reminds me of Facebook silly fact-checkers. There was a quote that turned out not to be from C.S. Lewis or Tolkien or whoever. Those silly fact-checkers with too much time on their hands blacked it out. Let people see the quote. Who cares?
  7. I've also lived in many places - equally diverse as you already know. We have gone back and forth on many issues in the past. I just don't make multiculturalism a requirement for my news watching. Give me the story and take away the bias. That shouldn't be too much to ask for, but these days, apparently, it is. There's bias with all of them. I understand where you're coming from and the beauty of choice in the free world is that we can all choose what news to listen to or not. Neither of us need to convince the other. None of us in my family watch the BBC since it usually sends us to slee
  8. The only one that I can think of as being slightly less biased is "The Economist". The NYT is known to be biased. You probably recall Bari Weiss's resignation. The Atlantic is biased also. I don't have a problem with bias. I would just prefer it if all news outlets would say exactly what they are. Call a spade a spade and be man enough to do so. They need to stop pretending to be all fair and unbiased, when clearly they are not. None of them. Hence why I barely look at any news anymore. “If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed, if you do read it, you're misinformed.” - Denzel
  9. I just realized that this is a slightly old thread, from October. Oh well. I read this the other day: “It has grown terribly difficult to separate objective journalism from opinion journalism. Back in the days when evening news anchor Walter Cronkite was considered ‘the most trusted man in America,’ there was a well-defined separation between news and opinion. Today they have bled into each other. This exacerbates division and resentment. Whereas we have long understood that Fox News leans right and MSNBC leans left, the rest of the news networks still try to pass themselves off as
  10. I knew about Mountbatten. I didn't know about the Bishop of the C of E. What bothers me more about the BBC is their Israel/Palestinian bias. After years and years of watching them, I am now done. At least with certain news outlets, you know that you're going to get bias. Some outlets, like the BBC, have this authoritative air about them, and try to fool the viewer that they're all fair and unbiased. They all have their angles. It's clear as day.
  11. The Allsides link that I shared above is the only source that I can think of. I feel quite frustrated these days, since every single site has its own biases. I used to go to The New York Times. What a disgrace it is now. The Atlantic, also. Every single one of them has their own angle. I have also pretty much abandoned FB and moved over to MeWe. I feel the same as you, since there's very little going on there. I refuse to use Twitter or IG. I'm going to look into BitChute.
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