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  1. @ShepCarlin For her the scholarship application came after she was admitted. She actually didn't complete it since she decided to attend a different school, so I don't remember much about it. Actually, it looks like some (Academic Scholarships) are automatically considered with the application and Merit and Need-based Foundation scholarships require an additional application. https://www.wcu.edu/apply/scholarships/wcu-scholarships.aspx I didn't feel like they were the best at communicating compared to the other schools she applied to, but it was in the middle of Covid-19. Even without scholarships and as an out of state student it would have been a cheaper option than many of our in state (VA) schools. She really wasn't crazy about the location and decided she wanted to attend a more urban campus. For a student who likes outdoor activities it would be excellent, I think. I'm sure you know more about their biology department than I do!
  2. The extra info might actually be more important on the the scholarship application than the admission application. They were separate forms for us.
  3. My daughter was accepted into the honors college without any further documentation. Her scores were fine, 28 ACT, but not amazing. She did have dual enrollment courses and we did send those transcripts, and an excellent GPA. We are out of state.
  4. My daughter also applied and was accepted. No course descriptions needed. Very straightforward, though I didn't feel they were the best about communicating. She did not choose to attend.
  5. You are probably right. My DD marked it off her list pretty quickly, but they did offer excellent aid! The others I listed might be too small and/or rural as well.
  6. My daughter applied to several of your closer to home schools this year and chose Mary Washington. It feels very LBGTQ friendly and the merit aid there is listed upfront for specific GPAs/test scores. Longwood might be a bit more conservative than she is looking for. Elon is beautiful, but does not offer a large amount of financial aid compared to some privates. We found Christopher Newport to feel very sterile and you need to be in their honors or PLP program to get any merit aid. If you look at Lynchburg College, you might want to check Randolph College while you are there since they are very close to each other. There is also Randolph Macon closer to Richmond and Bridgewater (which offers excellent aid) near Harrisonburg. Emory and Henry is near Abingdon. I'm not sure if any of these offer her major interests or would fit her needs.
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