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  1. I need to figure out what's for dinner fast so I can start cooking it.
  2. I found a math app today for extra drilling. Not timed but I can choose which arithmetic functions and how high the numbers go. Throws confetti and cool noise for correct answers and buzzes for wrong answers and keeps track of how many correct/wrong answers in the top corner. It just keeps going and going as long as you want to keep playing. Oldest keeps asking to play again and was even doing more white board math to earn the privilege. 😁 FYI: white board math is just my term for me picking problems from his textbook assignment and writing them on a white board easel for him to solve.
  3. How long before the blue hand goes away? It's seriously in the way of my pretty blue eggs.
  4. Good to know. By this definition, I've been making cottage pie all along then.
  5. Oh yeah,forgot to good morning again. Good morning! 😁
  6. What's cottage pie? I've only recently discovered (and fallen in love with) shepherds pie.
  7. Maybe we don't need a new math program, but just supplemental games to help him re-cement the math facts. How on earth can he master and then forget 2+5, but he remembers how to skip count by 7s all the way to 7x12?!
  8. Is this a real thing? Where? Link? I'm thinking this would make an excellent Christmas gift for Oldest.
  9. Newbie just turned 3 months old and I'm trying figure out where the time went! He rolled from his back to his belly for the first time yesterday by accident and then had no idea what to do next and started crying. Middle was an early walker. Never crawled or scooted. Ever. Started standing up on his own at 8 months and was full out running and walking up and the down stairs unassisted (independent, stubborn little guy) by 9 months. Oldest didn't even see the point in trying to walk until he was over a year old.
  10. Aw! Where's my 😍 reaction? Newbie keeps finding his thumb.
  11. How's Little Miss Empress doing? I laughed at your post about her watching food at the table hoping to get a bite. We're not there yet, but Newbie is growing sooo fast! Or is it because he's kiddo number 3 that it seems that way? He recently jumped into 12m clothes. 😭
  12. 1 box yellow cake mix 1 stick of butter melted 2 eggs Mix it with a fork and then add 1 cup Reese's pieces candies. Bake at 350° for 10-12 minutes Mmmmm
  13. I made chicken and dumplings tonight. Then I cheated (used a yellow cake mix) to make the BEST cookies EVER.
  14. Ugh. Don't get me started. That's a whole other battle. Gnashing of teeth as Critter calls it.
  15. Only 3 times a week?! I might have to rethink this as a possibility.
  16. I don't even assign all of the odds or evens. Only as much as I think he needs to understand or review. And he still balks. I'm telling you, I wish I could schedule a field trip to a public school classroom sometimes. I think he'd appreciate me more afterward. 😂
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