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  1. He's in fifth grade. Just started at the beginning of September. He is 10, almost 11 years old. I helped him brainstorm for a topic. He chose one. I then had him give me sentences about it and I scribed each sentence for him on post-its, which he then could physically manipulate into whatever order he thought logical and eliminate any unnecessary ones before writing them on his paper. It worked. Turns out he had 2 hangups. One was coming up with something worth writing about, and the other was that when he saw that he had to write a story, he thought that meant a book. 😂
  2. These were a bust. Pretty or not, he just won't use them willingly and I know it. So I returned them both and ordered the combined American Heritage Dictionary & Thesaurus which I really think will be all we need from here on out. Right now, he's enjoying looking up every word he can on his new mp3 player. If it's not in there, this book will be the next step.
  3. Fifth grade: Following the Plan. Lesson 5: Written Practice. Looks like it was writer's block because he couldn't think of what to write about. I gave him a few ideas to get his brain running and left him to brainstorm for a few minutes. I told him not to think about all the other stuff that comes later. Just pick a topic. He did. Then we discussed what type of questions he should answer about his topic and I scribed his questions for him. No answers, just the questions. His job was to write down answers to his questions. Tomorrow, I'll have him cut apart his answers (full sentence answers) and arrange them in a logical order to get him started and have him add more info as needed. This seems to be the only way to get him through a writing assignment. Is this normal?
  4. Worksheets are rare here. I used them once last week because there were only four sentences in the textbook exercise and it is review from last year. We're only 2 weeks into the new school year here. I had a Dr appointment and needed seatwork for Oldest to do (with DH lightly supervising) while I was gone. The worksheet was the exact same material, just more of it. Lots more. Lol. This will be our third year using R&S English. I don't mind continuing the grammar because I have it, but I'm open to switching if need be. The writing/composition has to change, though. I don't know if it's an issue of him not wanting to write (physically), writer's block, or what. DH told me to try again before running out and buying something new. If more guidance is needed, I'm the teacher, ect. I really struggle here. I didn't like composition as a student either because it required more than just remembering or looking up answers and the correct answers weren't black and white. But I would've done alright with this curriculum as a kid because the steps are very clearly laid out and examples are given in full. Pray for me. I'm going to try again today and hope it goes better.
  5. We do the oral lesson part aloud, but the written work is usually on paper or the white board and occasionally I trade it for the corresponding worksheet if I think he needs the additional practice. He doesn't mind the grammar lessons and I have the textbooks through next year already. It's the composition lessons that induce tears. He is a very reluctant writer across all subjects. I just wasn't sure if skipping the composition lessons in favor of something like writing strands would work better or if I should be ditching R&S English entirely. Maybe if it were more interesting and had more handholding it would be less tearful.
  6. Would Writing Strands work well with R&S English for grammar? The R&S writing assignments are just killing us. Oldest is in tears at every writing assignment. I'm wondering if WS would maybe be a better fit for writing since it progresses daily and just keeps building on itself rather than the once every few days assignments in R&S.
  7. Our first day of school begins in less than 30 minutes and there's no Oldest in sight! Amazing! I made coffee this morning to wake my sluggish brain. I think we'll just do Math, English, and reading this week to get us back in the swing of things.
  8. I made 2 deep dish pies. There is none left. Lots of compliments.
  9. DH came into the kitchen, looked at my recipe, then commenced to verbally altering my recipe to the point it was obvious; He wanted a pot pie. I asked and he confirmed. He said wine is for drinking, not cooking a good steak in. Svengo.
  10. I'm making Slashie's steak and mushroom pie today. Building pie dough for it now.
  11. I just googled and found that there is pet safe rat poison, rodent smoke bombs and/or dry ice method, and electronic rodent repellent devices that supposedly drive rats away within 2 weeks. I got quite educated on all things rat.
  12. I wonder if there are any natural alternatives like plants or veggies you could plant that are irresistible yet poisonous to rats but not dogs and humans? I'm getting the creepy crawlies just imagining! I'll be praying you and your DH can find a solution that works.
  13. Poison? You'd have to keep any pets out of harm's way in the meantime, though. Another alternative would be professional exterminators but I don't know how the pros could actually prevent them from coming into your yard without addressing the root of the problem itself (your neighbors). Ick! (((Jean)))
  14. Upon further research, SOTW will not fit the needs of my family.
  15. I don't do formal history for that age. I have them learn about local stuff such as community workers and safety and if they are interested, a little geography (continents and oceans) and basic cardinal directions. Otherwise, their focus is on fine motor skills, prereading/ prewriting activities, and early math concepts. I believe there is a coloring book that goes with SOTW, though, if she wants to join the older children.
  16. 3T y'all. At 13 months old. This has to be a record.
  17. Newbie better start walking soon or he's gonna break my back. Svengo.
  18. Thanks. I thought I remembered that's what he does but couldn't figure out why he was in school for something he already does, if that makes sense. It's awesome that this will reduce his workload and increase his income! Double win!
  19. I think I'm going to HAVE to look into SOTW as a possibility for the 2 littles when they start school after reading about cool projects like this! 😂
  20. Why are there so many zombie threads getting bumped these days?
  21. Could you be lacking any of the B vitamins? That's the only thing you haven't mentioned that I can think of.
  22. I went ahead and bought the American Heritage Student Dictionary and matching Thesaurus. In theory, this will work for all three children until they are in high school.
  23. As for co-ops, I've never used one personally, but have several friends who use Classical Conversations through a local church and like it alot. If you would like to tell us which subjects you are still searching for and what your criteria are (examples: textbook, workbook, or computer based and secular or Christian worldview), you'll get a lot more responses with specific curriculum recs that will fit your needs and lots of support and encouragement while you navigate through it all. Congratulations on your decision to homeschool and welcome to the boards!
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