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  1. Hello all, My son studied Middle Ages history last year at WTMA and was regularly required to submit a timeline of events. I created the attached template for him to update and submit each week (saved as a PDF when uploading). Given all that I have gleaned from this forum over past 5+ years, I am happy to share this with anyone who may benefit.History Timelines Template.xlsx timeline example.pdf
  2. I’m with you 100%. I didn’t find this pacing guide until after our first pass through of the first 16 weeks. We’ve been through weeks 1-15 three times over 3 semesters. Starting 7th grade this year and will move through 16-21 three times before moving on to the later chapters. The intensity definitely picks up as you progress.
  3. The attached link breaks down SWB’s Recco on how to move through sections of the curriculum repeatedly. https://welltrainedmind.com/a/how-to-use-grammar-for-the-well-trained-mind-with-your-student/?v=7516fd43adaa
  4. Calbear, thanks for taking time to respond with such a thorough review. This is very helpful. I will be sure to check the online class thread as I research more online options in the future. I didn’t realize that thread had reviews (vs just a list of online options).
  5. I am trying to decide on Latin for 5th grade for a student with no prior Latin background. I’m seriously considering the online course for Latin For Children A through ScholeAcademyOnline (vs teaching directly or from DVD). I’m very drawn to the interactive class format and 3x/week frequency. Has anyone taken the course? Can you give any feedback (pros, cons, teacher eval)? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Math: Finish Singapore Primary US 4B, then 5A/5B (including IP & CWP...Considering supplementing with Beast Academy Online starting at 3A for spiral depth Science: Real Science Odyssey Biology 2 History: SOTW volume 4 with Activity Guide Geography: Evan Moor Daily Geography 6 Logic: Logic Countdown, then Logic Liftoff Language Arts: Grammar: Grammar for the Well Trained Mind Writing: Killgallon Sentence Composing for Middle School, then Paragraphs for Middle School Spelling: Finish Spelling Workout G, then H Vocabulary: Wordlywise3000 Online 7 & 8 Reading: Assigned Literature: Mix of historical literature suggestions from SOTW and other 5th & 6th grade suggested literature recommendations Fun reading: student choice (parent-screened) Oral Reading: McGuffey Reader Typing: Typing.com plus selected writings from History & Science course Handwriting: Zaner Bloser Cursive 6 Art: Artistic Pursuits Elementary 4-5 Book One - The Elements of Art and Composition Enrichment: STEM co-op 1 day/week for LEGO Robotics team & MS Office Foreign Language: TBD on starting First Form Latin in January (midyear) Music: TBD on starting guitar lessons Extracurricular: Scouts, 4-H, Swimming
  7. Hello all. I’m a longtime reader, first time poster earlier this morning. I’ve homeschooled for 2.5 years but have been reading the forums for 3 years prior to that. I’m thankful for ALL the nuggets of wisdom I’ve gleaned from the site over the years and ready to give back.
  8. For 5th grade this year, I am using Grammar for the Well Trained Mind for grammar. I am using both Killgallon Sentence Composing for Middle School and Paragraphs for Middle School for writing. SWB recco’d the Killgallon materials in her writing section as one of several options to bridge the gap between WWE and WWS. The Killgallon materials are also the spine texts for the Expository Prep writing course on WTMAcademy.
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