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  1. This is so helpful, Domiche! I saw SWB's rec regarding Killgallon, but GFTWTM wasn't out yet (or at least I didn't see it in my edition), so I wasn't sure how it would work into things. It's helpful to know you're using both Killgallon texts and Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind. Also helpful is the note about the WTMA class. My eldest has been using WTMA classes for science and math, and I've been very impressed. Knowing that the Killgallon is the spine for Expository Prep there is reassuring.
  2. Thank you for this suggestion and your notes about your experience with GFTWTM, cintinative. It wasn't out when my older daughter was at this age, so it's new for me, and I can use all the guidance I can get!
  3. For grammar and writing for my fifth-grader, I'm planning to use Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind and Killgallon's Middle School materials, and I'm trying to decide whether to use both Killgallon's "Sentence Composing" and "Paragraphs" or just "Paragraphs." Would Killgallon "Sentence Composing" be redundant if I'm using Grammar for the WTM? I think it might make sense to use both, but I can't tell for sure looking at the samples.
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