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    This is in new like condition. No writing or torn pages. It was lightly used. I can email pictures if you need them. Buyer pays USPS Media Mail Shipping. Message me with your zip code and I can give you a total. Thanks


    , California


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    This is a lot of 5 books from the Our America.... books from Susan Kilbride. These have been used once in our homeschool and are in like new condition. They are fantastic! The website that is listed inside has free activities to go with each book and print outs. This lot is for these books: The Salem Adventure The Pioneer Adventure The Pilgrim Adventure The Revolutionary War The King Philip's War Adventure I will add USPS Media Mail shipping and send you a final price.


    , California - US


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    Selling a new like condition for $10 Story Starters : Helping Children Write Like They've Never Written Before. By Karen Andreola. Media Mail Shipping to be added just message me your zip code. Paypal only. Thanks


  4. I am interested in seeing how many hours a day other families homeschool. We have our own PSA so no charter and we do all the homeschooling in home. We are using the Charlotte Mason and Thomas Jefferson methods of teaching. We typically start at 9am and finish around 2pm. Is that the average? Sometimes I feel like I need more time. My son is the one that has been taking the longest lately. It takes him FOREVER to finish his work. Not because he does not know what to do but because he is easily detracted and daydreams A LOT. He is not suffering from ANY disabilities what so ever. If I am not siting next to him starring at him he will completely float away to another planet. I have to constantly repeat to him "finish your work", "focus on what you are doing". Something that should take 10-15 min to complete will take an average of an hour for him. Wondering how other parents deal with this? I have been "trying" to incorporate more independent work but with my son it is not working. Are there some suggestions on time management that I can incorporate in my day with him? This has been driving me crazy lately! Thanks before hand to all those that comment.
  5. FYI, Getting Started with Latin will soon has a sequel. Keep Going with Latin. We love the program and have been using it with both our 6th grader. There is an in between the older and the sequel that is called "Linney's Latin Class" and is a free online Latin class. Both my kids have loved it. You can find it here: Hope this helps

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    Watched once. In Perfect new like condition. Paypal only. Shipping is included in the $13. Drive Thru History, Holy Land, Egypt to Qumran vol. 1



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    $33 Free Shipping for all 3 books. Will not ship international unless you want to pay for the shipping. Selling as a package deal. These are in excellent condition. Used once. Mineshaft & Liver are the 5th printing 2016 Kidney is 4th printing 2015



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    Selling the Teachers Edition for Foundations Level 1. It is in excellent used condition. No missing, loose or torn pages. Buyer pays for Media Mail Shipping. Payment made though PayPal. Make sure you message me your zip code so I can tell you what shipping is going to be.



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    Selling this used All American History Vol. 1 & Teacher Guide together. They were bought used and we are done with them. The text book has been taped with thick masking tape but the integrity of the book is in excellent condition. There is some highlighting in the fist 2 chapters but other than that the inside of the book is in excellent condition. The same with the Teacher's Guide, it is only exterior wear and tear as seen in the pictures. Shipping will be added on to the $18 and it will be Media Mail. PayPal only. Message me your zip code and I will let you know what shipping is going to cost.



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    I am looking to buy a used or lightly used IEW Student Resource Notebook. Here is the link from the IEW website:


  11. There are 2 AGJ Teacher books. Analytical Grammar and Analytical Grammar Mechanics for the Junior level. They first one is yellow (JAG)and the second one is orange (JAGM). You start off with the yellow one and finish with the orange. I would not recommending starting off with the orange (JAGM) without doing the yellow (JAG) We have finished I have both to send to you if you wanted both. Let me know, I can mail them out today. I will be gone all next week. Nini
  12. Which teacher book are you looking for. I have both the AG Junior books I could send them to you for free. All you would pay for is shipping. Nini

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    Looking to buy used Getting Started with French. Please message me if you have finished with yours and are looking to sell. Thanks Nini


  14. Hi All, We are fairly new to homeschooling and wanted to know if someone can tell me the difference between the IEW writing program and the Analytical Grammar Beyond the book report program. We have finished the Analytical Grammar Jr books (both) and are now starting the Analytical Grammar work books. Can someone please chime in and tell me what they recommend for writing? I am working with kids that were yanked out of public school at 4th & 5th grade in November 2016. They have both excelled with AG and are now doing 6th grade reading and writing. Thanking you all, Nini
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