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  1. My son is 6 years, 8 months old. He had an extremely hard time learning his letters and sounds, but he is finally learning to read. We are using The Reading Lesson, which is the only book that has worked for him. We are on lesson 6. He still gets some letters mixed up by reversing them. For example, he cannot distinguish the b,d,p,q or the u,n,h. He usually tries all the sounds until he gets the word correct. Sometimes he does it first try, and some words he knows by sight (not because we've been learning sight words, just high frequency words he has memorized on his own.) My question is this: is it normal for a 6 and 1/2 year old to still have letter reversal trouble? Is it okay that he is still learning CVC and CVCV words? He cannot pick up a book and read it, but is doing well with TRL except the reversals. I guess I am just worried this isn't normal, and I see most first grade curriculum assume the child is reading well.
  2. You can buy it at Christian book.Com, it's usually on sale for $57.
  3. Learning Language Arts Through Literature is a complete language arts program. I used this with my 3rd, 6th, and 8th graders on their levels. It's very gentle, but thorough. Most can be done independently, but there are some parts that you will have to help with (dictation, spelling, new concepts). It's fairly cheap and includes book studies.
  4. YES! My husband's grandmother gave us an older set, and my kids love browsing through them. I would love a brand new set (my birthday's is April, maybe I should ask...)
  5. My 9th grader is using the Bob Jones Algebra 1 with DVDs, and it is very hard. I have a difficult time teaching it to myself, and then helping her. My cousin used to teach algebra at public school, and I had him look at the book last week. He said it was crazy for a 9th grade text, full of chemistry problems and extremely hard word problems. I decided to put it away and ordered Key to Algebra series. I am going to have her complete this series and maybe use the Algebra 1 next year, maybe not. My 7th grade son in using the Bob Jones Fundamentals of Math and is having no trouble at all, other than disliking Mr. Harmon (the teacher on the DVDs). Just my two cents.
  6. My 14 year old daughter and 11 year old son have been using this and love it. There are journal entry suggestions, questions to think about, scripture to read, and it is very interesting! https://www.christianbook.com/knowing-jesus-essential-devotional-blue-hardcover/9781433644078/pd/644078?event=ESRCG|M
  7. We have all three of these books, and they are beautiful! They are so colorful and informative, that my son read them for fun.
  8. With all of the suggestions to use HWOT, I think I'm going to order it for him! I also have a 4 year old...Would he be too young to join in?
  9. He does hold his pencil and hand correctly. He doesn't curve it up as some lefties do. He just doesn't form them correctly.
  10. My six year old just began his first grade year. He is using: Heart of Dakota Little Hearts for His Glory (History for Little Pilgrims, History Stories for Children, The World God Made, Devotions for the Children's Hour) The Reading Lesson Math Mammoth 1A Rod and Staff Finding the Answers I'm looking into handwriting programs. Right now, I'm just using a blank handwriting tablet.
  11. My daughter used the Key to Fractions workbook set in 6th grade. It helped her immensely. She was tired of fractions by the time she finished it, but she could do them with eyes closed. :-)
  12. My 7th grade son is using BJU Life Sciences, and he loves it! We are using the DVD courses. There are fun Investigations almost weekly, sometimes several times a week. It is expensive, but very worth it (to our family).
  13. Hi, all! I have a 6 and 1/2 year old boy, Silas, who is in 1st grade. He just started reading some three and four letter words a few weeks ago. (We are on chapter 5 in The Reading Lesson.)I'm looking for a handwriting program or workbook for him to use. Here's my dilemma: His handwriting is about average (I think). He writes big but legible. However, he is left-handed and while his letters and numbers technically look right, he actually writes (forms?) them incorrectly. Example - he writes his o's from the bottom and goes around. His 6's, he starts from the middle and goes around and up. (I hope this makes sense...) Most letters he forms the opposite way my right-handed children do. I mean, they look basically the same - the letters aren't backwards or upside down - it's just how he writes them. I don't know if this is even a problem or not... I was curious what handwriting workbooks or curriculum would be good for him to use? Right now, we are just using a blank handwriting tablet. I write words or phrases from his reading lesson for him to use as copywork. He can write short sentences and phrases from copywork, but he can't make up his own and write them as his spelling and reading skills aren't that advanced yet. Also it's hard for him to copy words from the left side of page because his hand covers them. He has to constantly pick up his hand and look. I write above the lines, and he copies below it. Any advice is appreciated!
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