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Tell me about "followers" for blogging

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So I have no idea what this is. I read about it but don't get it. Here are my ??If you are following a blog, how do you know when they have created a new post? Normally, it will show up when they post on my blog under my blog list but how does it work if you are following a blog? AND, if I choose to follow a blog do I still keep their link in my blog list? Thanks so much.

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Following a blog has to do with using a blog feed reader. Most blogs publish what is called a "feed" that these programs can pick up.


The reader signs up for one of these programs (like Google Reader or Bloglines) and tells the program which blogs they want to follow. The reader than checks the blogs on a regular basis. When a new post goes up, it is picked up by the feed reader and listed as a new post. The person, then signs into their reader and has access to all of the new posts (and old ones) for every blog that they told the reader to follow.


Your blog list works in a similar way but is more limited. It is a list of blogs that you are choosing to say "hey readers, these are blogs that I like". You can choose to list these blogs by name only, with a blurb that says when they last posted, or with an excerpt to their most recent post. Or, at least that is the application that I think you are talking about.

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