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Computer Science curriculum Ideas needed!

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Take a look at this.



http://www.eimacs.com/Parent_CSAFCOverview.htm?navname=PARENTS&toopen=ul25' date='ul5,ul6&scrolly=267&subnavid=a12


This is where my son will end up taking computer classes (he's only 13yo now, and is currently taking a web design class, which he really likes through Steadfast Christian Academy - online).[/quote']


JHUCTY. Their courses are self paced and you have to buy a certain amount of time in blocks. This looks like a better system to me.


Thanks for the tip.:D

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My daughter did an HTML class that was just a website that she read through on her own and did some labs. No fee involved.


Then we bought a Javascript book which she read on her own and did the labs that were outlined in the book.


This year she is doing AP Computer Science AB. We bought a textbook and a couple of prep books for the AP exam.


She's a sophomore this year. Next year she'll likely take several CS classes at the local university via dual enrollment.

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My DS is working through How to Design Programs . The website of the online book is http://www.htdp.org, and the website to download the software that goes with the book is http://www.drscheme.com I was easily able to obtain 'teacher status' so I can look at the answers. DS is really enjoying this course too, and it can be totally free. We did purchase a used book from ebay or half.com or ecampus, just don't remember which one.

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Jan, do you still have the address for that site? It would be helpful to middle ds as he will be tackling HTML shortly. Thanks!





I can't say for sure but she probably used this website. And if you look along the list of "courses" on the left side you'll see that there is much more here than HTML for those that are interested. I believe that my daughter also went through the tutorial for CSS.





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Thank you home school moms for the wonderful computer science suggestions. You are the BEST! Sorry for my ignorance, but what is HTML? How do I find such a computer sci. course with a book? This upcoming summer would probably be the best time for my son to really delve into computer science without the normal home school course load. The on-line courses are a terrific suggestion, but pricey.

Thanks to everyone!:)

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