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Stewart English Workbooks - Strengths over other possible pics?

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What are the strengths of the new Stewart English Workbooks recommended for the grammar review at the high school level (grades 11/12)?


Why did they "win out" over other grammar review like the A Beka V & VI workbooks series?


Knowing the "why" helps me choose.




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Hi Janice,


I recently ordered these books and I returned them. They are thin books and I wanted something with more explanations. I know they are popular for a basic review, but I think a basic grammar review workbook from B&N would work as well (IMHO). Maybe someone who used them could give you more details.

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The high school board has been quite active, burying this post. Sorry--I meant to respond.


We used Stewart based on the recommendations of SWB in her first edition WTM where it was suggested for 7th and 8th grade. My son's homeschooling adventure began in 7th--I followed many of the recommendations to the letter that year.


Just pulled the first (well thumbed through) WTM off the shelf. A Beka was indeed recommended as well as Stewart but, quite honestly, I just ordered one and went with it. Within the process, I realize that my son needed some additional work so I ordered other EPS materials to fill in the gaps. As things went, my son used Stewart I (Principles Plus) over 7th and 8th, Stewart II (Grammar Plus) in 9th, then Writing Plus last year.


The second edition of TWTM appeared about the time we started homeschooling at which time Rod and Staff was recommended. Perhaps I should have jumped on that bandwagon, but finding nothing particularly wrong with Stewart I saw no need. Stewart was giving my son the opportunity not just to learn about grammar (which he has also done via Latin) but to apply it. This was what I wanted.


Stewart is not exciting but I do not need a grammar book that is exciting. The workbooks sufficed, which is probably not the answer for which you are looking. One thing to bear in mind is that there are no homeschool stores where I live so the opportunity to compare numerous publishers requires that I order one of everything (which I'm not going to do--not my personality) or just choose something on the basis of reviews and then Make It Work (at least approximately). When I finally attended a curriculum fair, I felt overwhelmed by all of the choices.


Not helpful at all, I suppose.



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