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I've been reading and reading and reading about all of the different grammar programs to choose from. I found my way to R&S this weekend, but now I'm wondering what secular choices I have for programs very similar to R&S. I definitely want something that has sentence diagramming in it. I don't care if it has writing included, as I don't mind finding a separate writing program. In fact, I kind of like the look of Writing Strands.


I have read a little bit about GWG, and am intrigued, but does anyone know where I could find samples of it?


Also, I read a little about PLL/ILL. What is this?


If there are any other programs that might be what I'm looking for, could anyone point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance!

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Could someone list for me the grammar choices without abbreviations? I got BJU, A Beka, R&S, and GWG. What are the other big names? (Without abbreviations. I've been getting them all confused!)




Analytical Grammerhttp://www.analyticalgrammar.com/


Winston Grammerhttp://www.winstongrammar.com/

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I will have two dds in first and second grade next year, too! We have been using FLL with WWE (Writing with Ease), and I like both. However, I want to have more written work in grammar for next year, so I am switching from FLL to GWG. I will continue WWE for writing because my girls love it, as do I.


Not sure if I'm going to stick with GWG for 3rd and up -- I may switch back to FLL at that time because it has a workbook, and I believe it may be a little more rigorous than GWG. (Not sure about this, though....)

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My daughter has informed me that she likes the look of GWG because it has writing in it, and she likes to write things. So, I'm thinking we may go with that instead of FLL, which is what I was originally leaning towards. (I think she does not like the idea of listening to me repeat the same thing over and over. Besides, usually when she reads things she retains them better.)

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