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Reading Comprehension Advice

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Excuse me if this is a double post, I didn't find my previous posting.


I need suggestions for a 9 yr old to help with reading comprehension. He's the son of a friend who is in public school finishing up the 2nd grade. He cannot tell back anything of what he has read, and he is failing all math reading problems.


Thank you,

Alison in ky

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Here is another thread that I answered with my suggestions on helping comprehension problems.


Regarding the book reading, make sure the child starts reading books at their current level (use lexile.org ) and increase the level as the child starts improving their comprehension.


We also use the EPSbooks.com Early Comprehension and Varied Subject Matter as supplements.


Good luck.

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Take turns reading paragraphs aloud, alternate child/adult or have adult read a paragraph then dc read the same paragraph - then narrate the paragraph. This takes time but teaches the dc to concentrate by reading slowly which reading aloud forces one to do. Don't try to read aloud too much but build to long chapters in a book and read a WHOLE chapter book with the dc having the adult give a synopsis of the chapter then the dc the next chapter synopsis. Then switch to starting a chapter book with the dc by reading the first 3 chapter together then have the dc read a chapter silently & narrate back that chapter; read the next chapter together; thus alternating reading aloud & silently reading chapters until the book is finished. Start the next book with the dc (2-3 chapters) and then have the dc read silently the whole book (short chapter book). Never had dc read more than one chapter at a time & start with short chapter books & build to longer ones.

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