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Latin suggestions, please. I just joined the forums and am so excited and...overwhelm

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I just joined the forums and am so excited and...overwhelmed :). There are so many interesting things I can do with my kids (8,7,5,3,7 mos).....

Well, today my question is about Latin. My oldest son told me some time ago that he wanted to learn Latin and Greek ( I'm not sure where it came from, probably after we read books about English language history). Before I started him doing that I wanted to see if he was REALLY interested. And he IS. VERY MUCH!

I don't know Latin or Greek (or even English very well, I'm Russian) and have no idea where to start. I read some posts here, but still cant decide which programm to use. I'm actually really excited myself to learn with my son both of the languages (it's going to be good for my English too :)).

Any advice ,all you Superwomen ,who find time not only teach your own children, but help others to teach theirs too :)?

Thank you so much,


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firstly, welcome to the boards!!


Here's an invaluable web site with bunches of reviews from people here who have used various Latin curricula. It includes the reviews, as well as the links to the different curricula.




These are probably the top picks for an 8+ yo (in no particular order):


Latina Christiana (some start with Prima Latina, but it's not mandatory)

Latin for Children

Lively Latin



I'm currently using Lively Latin with my 8yo son and I completely love it. You'll find my review in the above website.


Have fun researching!! and feel free to ask any questions. We love talking Latin around here :-)

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hi, I started with Prima Latina, and found it a really place to start. the lessons are simple, mostly learning vocabulary words. Latina Christiana is a little harder, more words to learn and some grammar. If they have done Prima Latina first, they know most of the words for each lesson of Latina Christiana, making the lessons seem easier


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