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Using SWB's History of the Ancient World for high school history

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Are you reading this, then? In preparation for your oldest?


I'm newly converted to study guides. I'm all about the study guides, baby. Since we came so late to the WTM, I think a window just closed and we missed our opportunity for my oldest to learn to generate a decent outline from reading. Simply can't be done. Study guides solve that problem, and give you plenty to talk about, besides, beyond, "Aren't there any civilizations out there that weren't totally, completely bloodthirsty, mom?"


So this is all to say that I'm hoping that perhaps, maybe, if we're lucky, by the time my youngest and your oldest are ready for Susan's book/s, we'll have our study guides!

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I need a study guide, too. For the last two days I have been reading a chapter, then writing study questions from the chapter, then googling to find some relevant web sites to add a couple of questions and interesting reading. It is going well, so far, and I am enjoying reading through all of it again. I just don't really want to, kwim? I am taking 15 hours of classes myself and I hadn't planned on adding high school history to the mix! It is just as well...I have time to be on here so I have time to work on history with Luke.:)

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Get your study guide all written for the whole book before the end of the school year. Then next year, when my son reads the book, we'll buy a copy, several other moms here will buy a copy, and then you'll have a lot of money!


(I've thought of doing this myself next year, but you go, girl! I'll be happy to pay someone else to do the work!)

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