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I LOVE Leslie Sansone, BUT . . .

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I just got back from the gym treadmill.


The treadmill says there's no way I'm going as fast on Leslie's workouts as she says.


She says the beat is a 4mph beat on most of her walking DVDs. I can only hold that speed for a minute or two at a time on the treadmill.


I *do* think Leslie gives *me* a workout. I get all sweaty and breathless. My face turns red. I'm sticking with her when I'm at home.


At the gym, however, I have to slow down my basic speed and just hit 4mph in little speed bursts. I see everyone around me running, but I am where I am, and I'm pretty proud that I'm up to 45 minutes in my target heart range!:hurray:


Does anyone else get the same impression of her walking workouts?

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I found the same thing. Here's the theory I came up with:


It is a 4mph beat. However, when I'm doing her workouts, I'm only lifting my feet straight up and down, and I can vary the height according to how taxed I'm feeling. I can take tired baby steps at her beat, and I'm not exerting the energy to propel my body forward. But on the treadmill, I'm forced to propel my body forward at the treadmill's pace or I'll be thrown off into oblivion. It's harder and requires more work.

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I agree. It's been years since I've done Leslie Sansone, but I do remember them. I will say that it would not be the 4mph that is stated. I think it would be similar to the difference between walking on a treadmill and walking outside. It is much easier (for me at least) to keep up a 4mph on a treadmill than it is outside. In order to make the treadmill more like being outdoors, you have to increase the incline. At least that's what I was told when training for a mini-marathon last year.


Anyway you look at it, you are definitely getting a workout with Leslie so KUDOS to you!!

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I do Leslie Sansone and have lots of her DVD's. I have found that the newest ones --- the ones where she incorporates "boosted" walking (jogging) ---- are closer to what the tapes are supposed to be. But, I always tend to go back to a dvd that is probably 8 years old that is slower walking & only 3 miles but uses weights. I use heavier weights with it and burn a lot more calories with it.


What I do is mix up day's. I do Leslie's dvd's and walking outside. We alternate our workouts between "real" walking outside and her dvd's and find that is the best for us for weight loss, etc. When it got cold for a couple of months here over Dec., I went just to her dvd's. The first time I went walking outside after just doing her dvd's for a couple of months, I was amazed to see I was sore in my legs like I hadn't worked out! I think she and "real" walking use different parts walking and a mix is what works for us. I agree with the other posters.... the elements are outside and I am always fighting the wind or stepping up a sidewalk, etc. I LOVE her stuff....don't want you to think I don't. It's awesome that you can work 45 min. in your heart range on the treadmill :lol:

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