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  1. FreedomProject Academy has live, online classes where teachers are always on webcam.
  2. daijobu -- That is a wonderful idea about taking pictures and sharing them with the teacher! I would love to see things like that from my students.
  3. If you don't mind, I'd like to offer some observations as an online teacher. I'm a homeschooling mom who utilizes online courses for my own kids, so I have experience from all sides. 1. Realize that when you sign up for a course with an organization, you are agreeing to abide by their policies. Understand what the organization's policies are, read everything ahead of time, and don't expect the organization to change after your student begins taking classes. 2. Along those same lines, be aware that teachers must abide by the organization's policies. A teacher must do what he/she has ag
  4. Continuing to pray for your son and family.
  5. Praying for your son and your family. May you ALL feel the Lord's arms wrapping you in peace and comfort, and may His mercies be new each morning.
  6. May the Lord show His mercy upon you all!! Continuing to pray!
  7. Continued prayers for your son and family!
  8. Continuing to pray for your son and family. Praising Him for the good news today!
  9. Praying for your son and family this morning!
  10. This is my first post, but I have been praying for your son during all of this. Your reliance on the ONE who heals through all of this is such an amazing testimony. I will continue to be lifting your son and family in prayer.
  11. Don't have any reviews of that particular World Geography course, but you may also want to check the one through Webworks: www.homeschoolworks4u.com ;)
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