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Logos School - Anyone here use their materials, schedules, etc.?

Annabel Lee

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I'm referring to the Logos Classical School in Moscow, Idaho. I watched the CBN segment on it on TV and just looked it up online. They have things available for homeschoolers such as materials, recommendations, schedules, scope & sequence, etc. Have any of you used anything from them (not just materials, but method, etc.)? I'd love to hear anything anyone has to share! :bigear:


I should mention a few materials they use so people don't have to run over to their site to see what I'm talking about: Drawing With Children - St. Martin's Press (doesn't SWV rec. this also?), Imitation in Writing, Writing Trails, The Grammar of Spelling, and Latin Primer. They make some of their own Reading Comp. Guides and other materials.

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Well, we tried Grammar of Spelling, Imitation in Writing, and 2 of their reading guides at various times. For my guys, at the time, their materials were not a fit. They do have a rep. of excellence. They have the nicest customer service people. I have used their reading list for a while now as a guide.

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Guest Patty5kids

Hi ArcticMom,


As a former homeschooler of our 5 kids and a current teacher in a classical

school, modeled after Logos, I can vouch for their programs. We use

some of their recommendations while gleaning from other schools.

If you are interested, I would be happy to give you the names of the curriculae that we find most helpful in our endeavors.





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Guest Patty5kids

I'm excited to share anything we've learned. We've been using this

methodology for 8 years and studying longer. I have some personal gems.


Spelling/Phonics: SWR Spell to Write and Read Wanda Sanseri

(Looks complicated, but meted out perfectly and once you understand

the gist of things, it is VERY easy to use.)


Latin: Latin For Children series Christopher Perrin

(We begin Latin in 3rd formally and this series is the best we've seen)

Even has how-to-teach dvds available


Math: We use Saxon, but are looking for a better approach... Logos is

in the process of creating their own.


Grammar: We use Shurley Grammar with amazing results.


History & Bible: We LOVE Veritas Press history and Bible cards.

It is presented chronologically. Did you know Mozart was alive during

our War for Independence? I didn't. I don't learn dates like that. I need

stories and connections to make an impact on my brain. Very easy

to use with LOADS of suggested supplements. You can use the

public library if you choose not to purchase what they suggest. Our kids

know so much about how God has ordered the world by using this.

I'm amazed how much I've learned!


Writing: Imitations in Writing Andrew Pudewa

Basic imitative writing can be taught easily using things like Aesop's

Fables and other short writings. (I have used some of the writings from

the history and Bible cards as examples. That also serves to solidify and

reinforce the facts from the cards)


Wow, I get a little excited. I hope that gives you an idea of what is out there. Veritas Press is a super resource. I would be happy to answer specific questions, if you like. I'm sure I've left out some things.

I teach Kindergarten 1/2 day this year, 3rd grade Math, and 5th grade (3rd year) Latin. I've taught all the way through 7th grade Science. I spent

3-4 yrs in 2-3 and 3-4 grades. Third is that transitional year for us.


If you have more specific requests or want to know about some of the other subjects/curriculae we use in other grades, just let me know. I'll try

and check daily. I have wanted to be able to help others with the information God has allowed me to be a part of throughout the years.


Also, if you ever get a chance to check out an ACCS conference, it is well-worth your time and money to attend. Different ideas, curriculae, and methods are discussed and shared. It's also encouraging for those of us

who are blessed enough to be able to impact children on a wider scale.

Many of us are former home schoolers so we know how overwhelming it can be to search through and weed out all the information. It's also VERY cost-prohibitive and not the best method to continually be trying new things. So, hope this helps and God bless you.

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