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Looking for history recommendations

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Dd will have completed Beautiful Feet's Literature Approach to Ancient History and to Medieval History before she starts 9th grade. I don't really know what to choose for high school for her.


Her older siblings did BJU, but that was more their speed. I want to challenge dd more than that, and find something with some more depth and interest as well.


I've researched Truthquest and Trisms, and am not sure I'll have the money for those. And I have literature and writing covered already with Smarr.


I think she'd love Gileskirk, but that is REALLY pricey!


I really appreciate any further suggestions you all can give.


Thanks much!


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You could do Spielvogel's Western Civ. If you get the workbook with it (study guide, I think it's called) it's pretty comprehensive. We used the 5th edition (w/o the study guide) and Omnibus (which you won't need, since you are doing lit already). I'd have dc outline each chapter.

Look on Amazon for a 5th edition. You can supplement with Teaching company or some films.

Also, lots of folks like Notgrass, but it contains lit, too.


We also liked Barron's World History the Easy Way. It comes with tests right in the book, is easy, yet thorough.

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Thanks Chris, for suggesting Spielvogel. That is one I was considering, and I'm glad to hear there's a workbook/study guide to go with it.


I've done some more research myself, and found another good option: Streams of Civilization 2, with Hewitt Homeschooling's syllabus. From what I can tell, this would give us two years of History: Renaissance & Reformation, and Modern. Then we'll do 1 yr of American History (required here in NY), and spend 12th grade on Economics and Governemnt (also required).


ChrisN in NY

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