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Abeka math and Chalkdust users, please help

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I am currently looking at my options for math for my ds, currently in 3rd grade. We have been using Abeka since the beginning. He likes it and always tests very well in math. Way above grade level.


I have read that Abeka starts to go downhill after 5th grade, so I am looking at switching after 5th grade (starting a new program in 6th grade).


I have read so many wonderful things about Chalkdust that I took a look at the programs. Their 3rd grade program appears to be equivalent to Abeka's 2nd grade. At least as far as I can tell. The types of problems he is currently working on in 3rd grade Abeka look like the 4th grade Chalkdust program.


So, here's my question. Does Chalkdust make a huge leap in the 6th grade program? I would think it would have to be, otherwise, it would seem to be about a year behind Abeka.


Anyone know the answer?


Thanks for your help!

Hot Lava Mama

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ABeka moves at a faster pace (as far as computation is concerned) in the early years...then it slows way down in the middle grades. Their math through Pre-Algebra is decent--but their high school program is probably the worst one around (being nice here).


MOST 3-4 grade programs are VERY similar...maybe one extra digit added to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 90% of the concepts are the same...the goal is practice.


While the 'computation' will not be any more advanced going from ABeka 3 to Chalkdust 4--the application problems will be different and the non-computational part of math will also be a bit more advanced.


By 6th grade both of the series you are comparing will be at the same level. You also have the option to insert a 'pre-algebra' course in 6th or 7th grade for the average or above average student. You do not have to do 6th, 7th and then Pre-Algebra if your student understands --these levels are VERY similar.

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