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  1. Maybe there is a "Meet-up" group near her. What are her interests? Politics? Hiking? Have her search on meetup.com for anything that might interest her. I know of many different types of groups close to us for almost everything you can imagine. My heart feels for her. I can understand how hard and depressing that is. I hope she makes a connection soon. Hot Lava Mama
  2. Can you tell me what volume/page that was referenced?
  3. Oh, o.k. Gee. I actually could use that on a daily basis in real life! :) Thanks, AK-Mom4
  4. I thought there was a list of the acronyms for this board, but I can't find them. :) Hot Lava Mama
  5. I didn't mean to turn you off of WTMA! Please reconsider that! Many of my kids have taken multiple classes from WTMA since it opened and we have been ecstatically happy with the classes and teachers. I think I have had a DC in almost every one of the writing classes, too. The ONLY thing I didn't like was the structure of the workshop classes. They do not all do that. It seems to me they have at least two different teaching styles in all the classes. As you can see from PP above, different styles suit different people. Some people love that style, others don't. I would encourage you to look at another teacher for the same course in WTMA. :)
  6. How long does this particular test take? The CB says the AP tests take 2-3 hours. I am hoping this one is a 2 hour one. Any experience? Thanks!
  7. Several of my kids have had Hummel in a variety of writing classes. I personally do NOT like the workshop method. In the instance of a younger child in one of the writing classes, it was not only a completely worthless use of time, I found that the feedback was terrible. A 7th or 8th grader simply does not have the skills to evaluate a piece of writing and give competent feedback. Much of the time the comments from students consisted of "I liked it." That was it. I am not saying I want my kids to only learn what they did wrong, but SPECIFICALLY what is working/why it works and what needs to be changed/how to change it. I sat in on the classes with DC and saw there wasn't any real teaching being done. It was basically all workshop. When one DC was in a higher level class with work-shopping, it was slightly better because the high school level student has more skills to evaluate writing. But again, at this level, I was looking for a really strong teacher to push my student to the college level. Sadly, I didn't feel like the guidance I wanted was there. I supplemented all DC's writing classes when they were in that type of class to get them to where I wanted them to be. I was looking for a class to help excel my students beyond my capabilities, but found the workshopping method does not do that. I specifically avoid classes that have, as the primary method of teaching, the workshop method. FWIW, my DC also felt Hummel was way too easy and they were not learning very much. I asked DC why they thought he was such a popular teacher. To a child, each one said because he was so easy. It was an easy class to get an "A" if you did the minimum - sometimes even less than minimum - requirements.
  8. Yes! It is one of the most flexible majors out there! Especially if you get CPA certified. ALL industries need accountants, so a CPA can go into any field that is hot at the moment. Also, it is flexible enough that you could work at home, build your own business, work for a firm, or work in industry. It isn't super exciting, for those that need a thrill, but it will bring satisfaction and wealth, too. Some of the wealthiest people I know are CPA's. Hot Lava Mama
  9. From a Buffalo, N.Y. station: http://www.wkbw.com/news/was-buffalo-mom-jailed-over-homeschooling-decision Having elementary-aged children ripped away from the mom sends a chill down my spine. My prayers go out to this mom and her kids. Hot Lava Mama
  10. I think it is fantastic that you are doing that! What a wonderful example you are provide for your child. If he has no problem with you being in the same class, you should do it! How fun! Good luck! Hot Lava Mama
  11. Yes. Dd has Ms. Ostaff for Ancient History. This is my Dd's favorite class BECAUSE of Ms. Ostaff. Dd isn't really into history, but loves the way Ostaff teaches. Teacher is open to helping in any way possible. She also gives students many chances to get a good grade. A lot of papers, but teacher gives options of "pre-review" of the paper, as well as a "post-review" option to improve the grade. Dd has taken full advantage of the pre-review and as a result has never needed the post-review. Ostaff will not be teaching history next year which completely bummed out Dd. I HIGHLY recommend Ostaff. She is awesome! We both wish she taught more classes! Hot Lava Mama
  12. :) Things are coming together at our house and all is right with the world!
  13. I'm with you, too! Got all the stuff. Printed all the blank forms. Got all the pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, fun stickers, information, colored paper, etc. ready, only to see my kids groan at the idea. So, to spur them on, I "helped" them. Yep. I ended up doing all the work! Nope! Not any more. Seems like they would like it, but they didn't. :) Hot Lava Mama
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