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NC Homeschool Basketball Tournament today - what a great experience.

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My three ds's are on the middle school team and my dh is the coach. We didn't win, but what a relief to be in an environment where parents were cheering for the teams and I heard no offensive comments. Everyone was so uplifting and kind. Makes me even happier to call myself a homeschooler!!


Just had to share. Being in rec. leagues the last few years made me really appreciate the difference. It is true, sports can be fun and competitive. Leave it to homeschoolers to figure this out.

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I agree, there is a difference between homeschooler teams and leagues. I'll say there is usually a difference between homeschool teams and Christian school teams. I say "usually" because you occasionally still get a stinker of a coach or an embarrassing group of fans.


I was tickled last year when our team played a very conservative Christian school. The women all wore dresses, even the women's coach. So you have these sweet, gentle-looking women in the bleachers standing up and hollering at their boys on the court, "Kill 'em!"


Basketball in NC gets pretty competitive. Our county has a homeschool track team and a homeschool swim team. The camaraderie in these teams is very noticeable and admirable. Our cross country runners have been seen to "run in" the last runners of our opponent's team to give them the extra boost to sprint across the finish line, and to encourage other teams' runners along the way. There are some really, really great kids on these teams. And fast, too! :)


Our JV boys basketball team didn't do so well, but our middle school girls and our varsity boys are going to the state tournament.

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