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US History Thru Children's Literature-use it?


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I tried searching for this on the board but found nothing. I'm sure it's been discussed.


I just found it at the library and think that it might be a really good option for us. It says it's geared for grades 4-8 but I think a younger one could handle it too.

While it is geared for a classroom it looks easy enough to use in a homeschool setting.

I like that it has discussion questions, vocab, and writing assignments. There is a lot of options for each history period in terms of books to read and I love that it has an "end of unit celebration" with recipes for those that like that type of thing.

There are also videos and other resources listed for each unit too.


So who's used this and how did you like it?



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I have both books, one is from early exploration up to the Civil War, the other is Civil War through current times.


I got both books used quite inexpensively. I basically use them for reading lists from the library, there are several pages of book suggestions for each unit. I really haven't used the discussion questions, although I do occasionally consider doing so. I guess I'm just too lazy to remember about them!


Anyway, I do feel these were good purchases just for the reading lists. There are book suggestions for kids younger than grades 4-8.


The same company has similar books for science. They are excellent, full of hands-on activities to do with every unit. You can generally find them used, or your library might have them.

Michelle T

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