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Teresa in MO

Can anyone compare Singapore Math with Math Mammoth?

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I am trying to figure out if these two programs are very similar. They seem to both teach mental math. Has anyone used or seen both programs and can compare them? Thanks.

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I use Singapore Math and I have gone through my friend's CD of Math Mammoth to see if I wanted that too.




very visual

easy to teach

moves quickly with each skill building on what has gone before

mastery based


Math Mammoth:

no colors

small pictures

moves even more quickly through skills/subjects

no review

each skill/subject has its own workbook


Hope this helps.:001_smile:

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each skill/subject has its own workbook


But they also have grade level workbooks.


My daughter has used both and she LOVES Math Mammoth. She did not like Singapore at all.

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do you use Math Mammoth by itself or along side another program. I am considering using it with Horizons.


We were using BJU3 and my poor dd just didn't get it. I bought all of the "extra" books and everything! So I purchased a few Math Mammoth "subjects" and she used them as supplements.


NOW... I'm getting ready to switch her to Saxon 3... midyear... so I'm having her do the MM workbooks that would catch her up. (Multiplication and Fractions.)


My son used Horizons and *in my opinion* I think it would be too much to do them together. Horizons already as lots and lots of problems per page.

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