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Are colleges still using the MLA handbook for teaching citations, etc.?

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I used it years ago when I was in college, but I'm wondering if it's still used; or, if the MLA handbook was more peculiar to my college but if other formats are used elsewhere?


I have a Barnes & Noble gift card that I'd like to use (cash in hand!) and was thinking of ordering an updated version for my dd's, so I can make sure they learn proper notation techniques. Plus, I wanted to order Plaid Dad's recommendation for Churchill's History of the English-Speaking People and, since there's so much discussion going on about Jane Austen, perhaps an annotated edition of Pride & Prejudice or Emma.


Any thoughts? :D

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I have an ancient version of the MLA handbook, but really feel a need to get an updated version. My middle daughter was having fits one day a couple of weeks ago because I made her look at my MLA book and properly document her source. She said, "It doesn't matter, Mom!" I told her that it most certainly did!


Thanks! I'm off to place my order! :D

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and a paper was required of all but one of them. The professors said either to use MLA, or to use a format like MLA. I've never been required to write in any other format.


There are many free MLA guides on the internet, but I like having the resource on the shelf. It's more than just formatting... it includes a lot of standard abbreviations, the definition of plagiarism, and other helps for writing and researching. I assigned my 14yo son a 5 page research paper and he was just asking me about formatting today, and I pulled the book off the shelf for him.

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In all of my dh's Master level classes these last two years, he has been required to use APA. No MLA. Guess it depends on the professor or the school?


I'm trying to get my dc exposed to both. Also, the formatting and regulations for both of these change on a regular basis from what I understand. The 'best' source is not a book, but the web-site for both, which has the most current updates available.

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Literature and related fields tend to use MLA.

Psychology and some other social sciences tend to use ASA

Political Science & History tend to use Chicago/Turabian

Many large scale research papers require Chicago type footnotes.


The most important skill to take home is the ability to understand different styles. I would have a student use both MLA and Chicago/Taurabian footnotes in teaching them research methods.

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