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Update on my dd7...


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We have not done any phonics or other reading instruction since December, because the EdPsych who evalulated my dds suggested we use LiPS for my 7 yo. We began LiPS in January, so we've used it a little over a month now. Today I needed something that dd7 could do on her own for a little bit, so I pulled out an ETC workbook (level 1 1/2). She is reading better now than before we stopped doing phonics!


One of the criticisms of ps is that they will not back up far enough to remediate a student's underlying weaknesses e.g. phonemic awareness, and that's why they are not effective at teaching kids with dyslexia and other reading disorders how to read. DD7 still has major weaknesses with auditory memory and phonemic awareness, but I'm really excited to see some improvement! And I'm glad we backed up to do the LiPS program - I think it was the right decision.

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