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Many more details from Holzmann/Sonlight

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Are you serious? I look at Sonlight and see Christian all over it. This is a speaker (Kevin Swanson) we're having at our Conference in Oregon, this summer....


He's big on using primarily Christian-written books, regardless of the subject. Obviously Classical Conversations might be as suspect as Sonlight is if they look deeply enough. We'll see...

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Honestly, this entire thing is bizarre to say the least. I've never particularly cared for John H's style, but I have always appreciated the Sonlight curriculum. It sounds as though the Colorado organization has decided that only they can determine who is a Christian, and what materials Christians ought to be exposed to.


Give me a break. I hope Colorado homeschoolers will boycott the convention.



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He's big on using primarily Christian-written books, regardless of the subject. Obviously Classical Conversations might be as suspect as Sonlight is if they look deeply enough. We'll see...



Ohhh now I have the lyrics of Guilt by Association by Steve Taylor going through my head. :D


So you need a new car?

Let your fingers take a walk

Through the business guide for the "born again" flock

You'll be keeping all your money

In the kingdom now

And you'll only drink milk from a Christian cow


Don't you go casting your bread

To keep the heathen well-fed

Line Christian pockets instead

Avoid temptation


Guilty by association


Turn the radio on

To a down-home drawl

Hear a brylcream prophet with a message for y'all

"I have found a new utensil

In the devil's toolbox

And the heads are gonna roll if Jesus rocks


It's a worldly design!

God's music should be divine!

Try buying records like mine

Avoid temptation"


Guilty by association


So you say it's of the devil and we've got no choice

Because you heard a revelation from the "still small voice?"

If the Bible doesn't back it then it seems quite clear

Perhaps it was the devil who whispered in your ear


It's a Telethon Tuesday for The Gospel Club

"Send your money in now or they're gonna pull the plug!"

Just remember this fact when they plead and beg

When The Chicken Squawks Loudest Gonna Lay A Big Egg

You could be smelling a crook

You should be checking The Book

But you'd rather listen than look

The implication


Guilty by association




Seems appropriate, unfortunately. I hope I am wrong, but this is the vibe I am getting from the whole thing.




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I've really like a lot of things you say; I just woke up from my afternoon nap and I'm kinda not thinking straight. Would you want to support the people that are making this decision from CHEC? (thus supporting speakers from their organization)

Sorry for the fog from which I hope to wake:-)


Yes and no.


I think CHEC ultimately have the right to do what ever they like. It is their organization, right? I also think accusing SL of not being Christian is...well ridiculous. There is something bigger going on whether it be the young earth debate, I am young earth, but in the end don't really care because it is not a salvation issue, or if it is more to do with the use of non-Christian books by non-Christian authors. Again here I prefer to understand the culture I am reaching out to-if I am totally detached then I can't relate, make connections with people, ect...Nor do I believe it does out kids a lot of good to be blindsided by the world because they have been totally sheltered from it. Though at the same time I will admit there might be a place for some kids who are sheltered in the body. We all have different places, different roles and can't have cookie cutter upbringings.


There have also been times when I haven't seen eye to eye with John from SL too, so I am not in the I just love SL camp either. The biggest one is when the forums went to a subscription and John posted how they were loosing money to people who just bought the IG's (because they are priced at a loss) and who then bought the books from Amazon (SL makes up the loss on the IG's through profit on the books). I was one of those who bought IG's and purchased books from Amazon or used, so I was a bit offended. Is it my fault they priced the IG's at a loss? Change the price! Right?


Anyway, I do think John is making a bit of a to do about it. I am sure it is to try to use their customer base to be allowed back in. I don't think that is wrong either. It isn't the way I would handle it. I would just let it lie and allow people to start asking why isn't SL here this year and let the truth come out that way. <shrug> Now is a bad time financially for the whole nation and I realize what a loss this might mean to their revenue, so I can't blame him even if I wouldn't handle it that way.


Mostly what I don't like the division in the body of Christ.


The biggest thing I was taking issue with in the post above is the idea that Christians should only read Christian books by Christian authors. I have a long list of problems with this that have built up over a long time.


For instance I attended Woman of Faith for years, and was encouraged by it. Over time though I became a little disillusioned. It isn't cheap to get into. Then you have to pay full price for most the merchandise. Much of it starts to get very repetitive when they are pumping out a new book each year. Then I just had one year when I decided I was done with it. It was overpriced and I was tired of it, just didn't need it anymore. I was happy, content and thriving without it. That was the year they had Dr. Phil and his wife there, so I think it was the hand of God because I probably would have walked out, LOL! It isn't that I have a serious problem with Dr. Phil and his wife. I just have a problem with them as examples of Christian leaders, KWIM? They have their place just not there. The more I thought about the whole thing the more I was put off by how much it all cost, how they don't give discounts on books, ect...


Then I started using the God's Design series before AIG bought it. I used to buy it through B&N with my teacher discount. (Yea!) Then AIG bought it and now I don't get a teacher discount. (Bummer.) If I buy it though B&N or from their webiste I have to pay full price. There definitely isn't a discount for being a Christian. ;) But to buy Christian I have to pay more. (???)


Next would be the assumption that I haven't properly trained my child in the basic truths of the Bible. I mean if a kid watches Sesame Street they will be exposed to evolution-I have seen it. I did and still use the Usborne science books SL schedules in Science K with my kids at an early age, and we do discuss evolution and why I believe it is incorrect. If one of my kids finds an Usborne book, and reads it, which they probably have multiple times as I own TONS of Usborne books, they are not going to become convinced of the "truth" of evolution. In order for that to happen the parent will have had to check out and not have any spiritual input. I find the fact that they assume it could seriously happen an insult to all Christian parents, KWIM? Not to mention that fact that the Bible states that no one is able to steal away any of God's children. Where is the faith that God can deal with the heart of the child who reads about evolution? While I do think they mean well it really is an silly argument.


Anyway there is just this theme of arrogance, of entitlement, of I know what is best for you that bugs me. That said God is much bigger than I and uses these organizations despite themselves just like he uses me despite my flaws. :cool:






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