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Soph the Vet...gross puppy question...

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If you are eating you may not want to read my question....



I got my puppy yesterday. He is not quite 6 weeks old. Too young to be seperated from mom and littermates...but..he is eating well at least.


Anyway...the man I got him from took him to the vet yesterday and had him wormed for the 2nd time.


This morning when I took him out to potty I saw the icky results of the worming and disposed of it.


But now I am worried because I took him out in the middle of the night and he squatted to poop then too. I could not find 'it' because it was dark, and I can't find it this morning.


I have another dog. I've never seen her eat feces, but just in case she DID ...errr...clean up after the puppy...would the dead worm make her ill or give her worms? (I would not think a dead worm would give her worms, but then, I'm not a vet and I don't know.) I don't know what kind of worm it was, or if it makes a difference, but it was very long and sort of fat. (shudder)


Ok...very gross topic. But I need to know in case I miss something in the middle of the night.




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logically speaking, if the dog did eat it...

1. the de-wormer is safe for your puppy, thus should be safe for a bigger, older dog as well.

2. The worms are dead because they were poisoned and came out in the feces, seems like that would be safe as well, however gross!

3. Worst case scenario, the worms were not completely dead, and you might have to worm older dog.

Seems like all would be safe. Dogs are gross, aren't they?

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