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Beginning voice class -- need ideas for group games

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I've got a beginning voice class of 25 girls, about two-thirds of which are between 8 and 12 years old (the rest are 13-16). I've got quite a few "kinesthetic" learners also.


We're about seven weeks into class and I'm finding I need to change things up a bit. It's a beginning voice class so we're learning about breathing properly, intervals, good tone production, various vocalises, etc. We're also working on a few songs to perform for parents at the end of class. Does anyone have any ideas for fun games or activities that would get kids moving (but not be too corny for the older kids)? Or any kind of "team-building" exercise? If it was related to voice or singing that would be great, but if not maybe I could tailor it a bit.


Class is this afternoon and I need ideas! :0)




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Let's see - I had a children's choir a few lifetimes ago - (though they were younger than your group).


We used to do rhythm drills. You clap a rhythm. They clap it back. With older girls you could make it fairly complicated.


Sometimes we would sing introductions. Use the notes in "Nani nai boo boo" (a third interval). Sing something like "Heather - how are you?" Heather has to answer you back (using the same notes).


When learning a new song - step to the steady beat of the song. Clap the rhythm (which is different from the beat). You can pass out rhythm sticks and use them to tap the rhythm.


Sing just the vowels of the song (this is kind of hard!)


Hope something in here inspires you!


You might google Orff games or something like to see if you can come up with some ideas. The Orff method is quite hands-on.

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