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When did Disney announce free dining last year??

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I just talked with someone at WDW because I was gonna book us for September. He said he didn't know if they would even have free dining this year because of the 4/3 free deal. I know they offered bounceback free dining for some, so I think they WILL have it, but I don't know if I want to wait to book until the promo comes out, just book for the probable dates and hope for the best, or book for early December and forget free dining.


We are 6 people going so free dining is a biggie, but I am also into the idea of going in December and doing the Christmas party. We'll be in a suite at the All-Star Music so we can do a good bit of our own food if we need to.



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They have announced the past few years in April, I want to say mid-April, but it maybe the beginning of the month, I can't remember exactly.


I'd honestly do December, but that is because it is really hot still when free dining is going on, even at the end of it (we did the first week in 2006, last week in 2007), and I prefer slightly less melting weather. Also this year free dining was offered a couple of other times including in December during the less busy times. I would just keep your eyes out for deals, there are likely to be a lot of them this year because of the economy.

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I'm actually leaning toward early December because of the weather, and the holiday decorations. We got to enjoy Halloween decorations and party last year; it would be fun to do something different this year. I just hate to miss out on the free meals - it makes it lots of fun. I definitely won't buy a dining plan. If we don't do free meals, we will just eat what we can at the hotel and do the rest in cash. With the suite I know we'll have a fridge and micro so we can bring plenty of food. Then, if we want some sit-down meals here and there, we can eat appetizers and/or share main courses to keep costs down.


I'll have to have a Boma reservation though. THAT I will spend money on!! :tongue_smilie:

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