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What does this say about my marriage? Texas history (yes, that's redundant) and.....

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our weekend.


This weekend, my DH was being trained as a Process Server. We had to go to San Antonio for it and decided to make the weekend a short get away for the family.


At Market Square , the kids and I watched 2 young latino girls sing country. We also watched a Michael Jackson impersonator. I tipped the Michael Jackson impersonator for his dancing and for nostaligia reasons; I had Thriller on vinyl!


Later Saturday night, we went to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. DH tipped the pianist who played. Not classical, but classics, IMO such as music from The Sound of Music.


That certainly represents the quirkyness of our union.



Ok, I am not from Texas. For those of you unindoctrinated, Texas has a particular attachment to Texas History. They honor their StateNation in a way I've not seen in any other state. National/worldwide companies change names of vehicles, home improvement stores, burgers at Fast Food places to mention "Texas". The Lone Star or other Texas symbols are everywhere. Texas public school children learn Texas history almost every year.


Yes, even in NJ, I had heard of the Alamo. I "kind of" understood it's place in history. But definitely not in a Texan acceptable way.


This weekend, we watched the IMAX "Price of Freedom" Alamo movie, saw Mission San Jose (a largely intact mission where battles did not occur) and The Alamo. We happened to be visiting during what was the 13 days of siege.


I never understood that the Alamo battle allowed Sam Houston time to gather forces to defeat Santa Anna. And that it also fueled the motivation for that short and crushing defeat. I never quite "got" that David Crockett was witty, articulate and that he died in the Alamo battle. I now know the origin of several streets here in Houston.


While I'll never be accused of skewing the importance of Texas history in proportion to the rest of the world, I now have a glimpse of how precious Texas history is to those who live here.

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I moved to TX during my jr year in college. Texas history is important, but OVERRATED. I got kicked out of my first semester class b/c I didn't know where Austin was (yet I explained why--only lived in state 2 weeks). Entire fourth grade year focused on TX history. The kids know more about TX history than US history, or world history.

It's amazing that TX is the only state which allows its flag to be flown at same height as American flag, as it has its own country. It's the only state which has belonged to six different countries. But it's one part of the history. Why spend three years of a twelve year public education focusing on a state history when that time should be spent learning about the world history and how it all fits together?That was one of the reasons I am homeschooling. I don't want my children believing that Texas is center of the universe. Good ole' boy mentality runs embarrassingly rampant and don't want to perpetuate the attitude.


Sorry if I'm rambling, but this is a hot topic for me.

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