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Breech of job-contract and lawsuit

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Does anyone have any experience with this? Someone we know got fired despite a 1-2 year contract half year after the agreement. Former boss informed them that the agreed upon bonus after one year (commission-style which had already been reached) would not be paid as well. What are the chances of winning a lawsuit, do you think, and what kind of lawyer does this fall under? They would lvoe to sue, but don't want to be out a ton of money meanwhile.


Thanks for any insights you might have.

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They would be well served to seek counsel. They may be able to talk to an attorney and see if they have a case or not. It would really depend on the specific wording of the contract, the type of contract, the laws of the particular state, and what the 'fire-able' offence was.


But be warned....

My sister has been in a clear cut, unjustified dismissal, (even got physically pushed by a boss) and it has been 3 years, 3 attorneys and thousands of dollars on her part. They are no where near court, even now.

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