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SAT question

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Have you all ordered the QAS from College Board for the SAT reasoning test? Is it worth the $18? Actually my dd is taking the March reasoning, and only the SAS is available for that test date. It looks like the SAS isn't as thorough as the QAS - what do you think? My dd loved getting the details with her PSAT and now she's spoiled. Of course I think I should just co-sign the College Board on my bank account and skip the check writing step :)



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Wow -- the College Board is certainly busy trying to figure out how to get parents to send them more money! I didn't know this was even an option! (Or maybe this service wasn't available in the dark ages -- two years ago?)


If you are expecting a strong score, I wouldn't bother. But if you think there is a good chance that your dd will take the SAT again after this sitting, then I would -- the feedback could be helpful.


I hate to even estimate how much money I have sent to the College Board! And ds2 just signed up for the SAT Question-of-the-Day yesterday. We are only months away from starting writing checks to the CB for him!

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Thanks so much Gwen.


The website says the materials may not even arrive till after the next test date - they send them out 6-8 weeks AFTER you request them. Here's what's available for March, when she'll take the reasoning:


The Student Answer Service (SAS) provides a list of question types; whether you answered the question correctly, incorrectly, or omitted the answer; and level of difficulty. The actual test questions and answers are not provided. SAS is available only on the test dates for which QAS is not offered—November, December, March, and June. It is also available for Sunday and school-testing dates in October and January.


Because of all the SAT subject tests she's taking, we're hoping she can do "one and done" on all of them.


The College Board seems to be in a constant state of flux - I read recently there was score choice not too long ago (maybe in the 90s?) then they removed it, and now they're bringing it back. Sigh.

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