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The Story of the World Vol. 4 - How do you use the Activity Book?

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For the first 3 volumes of the Story of the World books, we did them as a family read aloud and did the activity review and map pages together. With this book, I'm having my 6th grade dd read it on her own while my ds is doing something else for history.


I find that the activity book is geared for the teacher to read the review questions and read the map questions because the answers are printed right with the questions.


Is there any way I can have her do this on her own without having to retype all the questions?

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Well, the map part isn't actually questions. It's merely a review statement & request to find the places on the map. The answers are in the back of the activity book on minature map pages. The activity book also has a student outline page for each section that should be able to be done on her own, then you or she check her answers in the activity book. With my older daughter (8th grade) I have her write a synopsis of the chapter section since I don't think she needs the outline practice at this point. HTH


ETA: I am assuming you have the student pages along with the activity book.

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Yes, I have the student pages. I give her the outlines for practice. As for the map, I could show her the activity book, but then it may be on the same page as the review questions with answers. I've tried photocopying the page blocking out the other sections, but that is too costly and time consuming.


Are you saying that you don't use the activity book with your 8th grade dd at this point, and she only writes a synopsis. Do you use the test pages?

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We did vol 4 last year and it looked like this:


day 1- listen to cd, do map work

day 2- listen to cd again, do outline

day 3- listen to cd again, write summary

day 4- test


As you can see my ds needs (and likes) listening to the cds more than once to cement the info in his brain. We either skipped the review questions or did them aloud.

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