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Is there a health and s*x ed curriculum?

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I've been looking at alpha omega's health but there is no s*x ed in it. I wish I could find something that teaches it in a clinical way but on a high school level. I don't feel like it needs to be from a christian perspective, I just want it to have all the facts and explanations of why things work the way they do. Does this curriculum exist?

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Yeah! I double that! I am interested in hearing a response.


Also, I want my kids to know the ins and outs of drug usage. I used to be a social worker, and I think it is a foolish kid who doesn' know the street drugs by their medical and street names, their different uses and effects. We are Christians, and I think this is a shortfalling of Christian curriculum for high school students preparing to enter a very real world!


I'm sorry to jump in here, but I have been all over the internet the last couple of days looking for a health curriculum that has some meat to it:tongue_smilie:!

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I took a College Anatomy and Physiology class last year and the book I have is awesome. I think an intelligent 9th grader could handle the chapters on reproduction. Also, there are chapters on how chemicals (drugs, poisons) affect the brain. I used this book on my 5th grader last year to discuss sex ed, genetics, The illustrations are excellent. So, when you are describing testicles and where semen comes from, you can point to the cutaway. The illustrations handling drugs are also good. Its easy for kids to understand the idea of receptors, etc. when the illustrations make sense.


As an aside. My ds 12 told me he didn't like hanging with one group of boys because "I don't like how they talk about sex." and he told me some of the vulgar things they said. Then he said, "Its like they don't know anything about it!"


Ha! Knowledge is power!

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Singapore Interactive Science... has several chapters on humand sexuality, drugs, and birth control.


Totally from a non christian perspective. I like how they habdle the subject matter more from a psychological and physical consequence on premarital sex than a Christian perpective.


Has pictures of every birth control device you can think of - I think..... Some I have heard of but never seen :)


It was the best one that I have seen...



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