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  1. If you watch the comments at the very end of the show there is mention of "after care," so I'm assuming that means the network pays for ongoing treatment for the people who will accept it.
  2. I clean room by room. I start at one end of the house, which is my and hubby's bathroom, and work my way through. This way if I can't get the house done in one day, I know that at least some of it is completely done. I don't touch my ds room, he's fifteen, but I do his bathroom so it doesn't become a biohazard. I only do this big cleaning once a week, but each morning I spend a little time making my bed and putting away clutter so it doesn't get out of control. I may get the whole house done in one day or I may break it up into two days depending on what I have going on each week. I get the baseboards, ceiling fans, and refrigerator about twice a year. For me the most helpful thing I do for myself is try to make myself put things away as I use them. This took years for me to get use to and I'm still struggling to make it a habit. As far a delegating, I only have the fifteen year old and I'm home full time so I consider it my job to pick up after dh, but I try to teach ds to clean up after himself.
  3. I would like to bring it for a pot luck. With this recipe, you just mix everything together, transfer it to a baking dish, and bake it for 25 minutes. I think I can transfer it instead to the slow cooker and then plug it in on low for about an hour before I need it. Do you think it will work?
  4. After four years of ds begging to go back to school we decided, with heavy hearts, to let him go. He started 10th grade a month into the school year and the teachers aren't making him make up anything. How important could it be if they don't think he needs to know it? Did the other kids just learn a month worth of unnecessary stuff? The point is, don't worry about not doing enough. Surely your kids are learning at least as much as they would get in regular school and most likely more. Besides, at home they are spending the time learning the things they need. By the way, last Friday half the school day that our tax money is paying for was devoted to a pep rally.
  5. When I received notice that the buyer deposited money for used curriculum in my paypal account, there was a not from her asking me to insure the package which will cost almost 3 dollars more. She already deposited the payment for the original amount in paypal, so I will be paying the extra 3 dollars myself. Should I ask her to pay the extra money or just pay it myself. I don't want to risk losing the sale, but I'm already asking a very fair price.
  6. I agree that if you only have a day or two, you could probably skip paying for the Colonial Wmbg. thing and just take a stroll down Duke of Gloucester street. You won't be able to go into any of the buildings, but its still a pretty walk. The Jamestown Settlement museum and Jamestown Island are very nice; we live within walking distance of them and go a few times a year. You could probably make a day of the Jamestown Museum, easily. You could make a day of Yorktown, too. Someone mentioned VA beach and, while I love the beach, the traffic there in the summer is awful. Getting there may not be so bad if you go early, but getting back to Williamsburg in the afternoon is a production. There are plenty of hotels on Rt. 60 (Richmond Road) that are within walking distance of the restaurants, but I don't know about the cost. HTH.
  7. We love our Coleman air matresses so much that we took the regular matress off our bed and tried them instead. That didn't work out, but I can't imagine sleeping in a tent on anything else. We used thermarests once and it was not cushy enough. My dh and I push two twin air mattresses together then we zip our sleeping bags together so we can snuggle. Very comfy.
  8. My 20th anniversary is coming up and I would like to put some "I love you" songs on my ipod. So far I have Shania Twain- You're Still the One, Uncle Kracker-Smile, and Queen-You're My Best Friend. Any suggestions?
  9. Just a few weeks ago, I was riding with a group on a two lane road at about 18mph when I hit a rock with my front tire. We were riding in the bike lane, btw. The impact threw me side ways into the road and my head slammed down onto the pavement. My helmet was broken all the way through, but I was fine besides a few scrapes. Even at a much slower speed, I believe there would have been enough impact to seriously injure me, not to mention what could have happened if the car coming up beside me had not been able to swerve in time. You won't catch me on a bike without a helmet. All it takes if for your front tire to hit an object and you're down. My son broke completely destroyed his helmet when he wrecked his mountain bike. I believe the helmet save his life. We and all our cycling friends always wear our helmets.
  10. It's a very popular song. Some of the lyrics are: "You make me weak in the knees, fall out of bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in the head.....just the thought of you can drive me wild, ohh you make me smile." It's driving me crazy! I gotta know who's singing it. Help!
  11. Wow! You all are like some sort of squash geniuses! I looked up the pics and, while I haven't seen any of the critters in my plants, the squash vine borer has to be the problem. The pics of the affected plants looked just like mine. When I saw the eggs on the leaves, I thought they were the eggs from the squash bugs, especially since I was constantly finding two of them together apparently making baby squash bugs. I'm not sure they can be saved at this point and I've already pulled out some of them, but thanks for solving my mystery.
  12. I've been fighting squash bugs for awhile but suddenly the plants seem to be rotting from the inside out. When I just pushed on the plants a bit to see beneath, the plant just broke off at the stem and inside it looked yellow and grainy, sort of crumbly. The leaves were droopy and yellow, although I don't think it has to do with lack of water because the leaves that still looked healthy were perky and green. I had a hard time pulling the plants out to pitch them because every time I gripped them, they just broke apart in my hands. This is my first year with squash. BTW, it's happening to both the yellow squash and the zucchini. What could cause this?
  13. Now that it's spring and my beds have been sitting all winter, what should I do to prepare them for new planting? I can't find anything in the book to tell me how to prep the existing beds for new plants. I was thinking that I could just dump a bag of compost into each bed, mix it in, an start planting. What do you do? Thanks.
  14. What? You homeschool and you don't get to be hysterical very often? I'm moving to your house! Ooops. I was commenting on someone else saying that she doesn't get to get hysterical very often. I haven't got the "quote" thing down.
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