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What to do in the spring after TT Algebra 1

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This is essentially a crosspost from the other forum. I have received some answers and more to consider.

My daughter will finish Teaching Textbook Algebra 1 in mid February. We started it last January and took most of the summer off. She did a little review in the fall but did do fairly well with the gap in the middle. She is doing high B's or low A's. Good but not incredible. This is her 8th grade year. We plan to continue with TT Algebra 2 but I waver between starting in February and know we will have at least some of a gap in the summer (we work at summer camps and plan vacations then) or perhaps I should supplement through spring with something else. I've looked at some Algebra story problem books or the Key to Algebra series. If we do the Key to Algebra series I don't see a big areas yet that she has a problem with so does anyone have a recomendation of which of those to use?


I also received suggestions for Life of Fred which does intrigue me.


I know many on this board don't like Teaching Textbooks but I am very happy with it for our main program. I can see comprehension really coming for my paranoid, perfectionist daughter. Typically she will get 4 to 5 problems wrong out of 25. 2 or 3 are just mixups like missing the negative sign. The others she was confused on but we walk through them and she understands what she did wrong.


so I'm open to opinions:

-Start Algebra 2 in February

-Supplement with a story problem book or other supplement (any suggestions?)

-Supplement with Key To (which ones?)

- Life of Fred



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Well . . . there's a lot of review in the beginning of TT Algebra 2, so I'd go ahead and start it, but slow it down. Perhaps just a lesson or two each week. That way you can keep up your momentum as well as keep from losing the information.


When your done taking your summer breaks, you can come back - finish the review chapters - and move on to the new information. Maybe it won't take as long as the Algebra 1 did to complete once you hit the ground running in the fall.

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so I'm open to opinions:

-Start Algebra 2 in February


I would keep to the same publisher in High School maths.

If you want to supplement after Algebra-2 that would be a better time to do so.


Summer is a non-issue. Just when September comes, move along at student's own pace of mastery...and you won't have to plan in supplements or rearrange schedules, book purchases, etc.



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