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As per Board Rules (extracted below), we do not delete accounts. You can, however, edit your own content. 

  • Think Before You Post 

The posts on this forum are available for all the world to see. If you don't want all the world to see what you have to say, don't post it. We are not likely to remove a thread/post because you later regret writing it. If you are all fired up about something, take a walk or have a cup of tea before posting something you will regret. 

The forum admins are unable to delete accounts. Users can delete their own content by editing posts.

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2 hours ago, Green Bean said:

I would think even if it were possible to delete accounts like many did a few years ago with the security breach, it would not delete all your past posts or where someone quoted you. Would be nice sometimes.

Reading through some old threads, it seems as though deleting your account does delete all your old posts, but not quotes in someone else's post - which was a clue about why I was having difficulty following the old discussion.

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