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7th grader 1st time homeschooling with full time working mom

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Some background

i homeschooled my oldest children all the way through high school so I’m not new to homeschooling but it’s been a few years. 
back then I loved History of the world, first language lessons, writing with ease, beritas self paced history, rod and staff English etc. 

My youngest has never been homeschooled  but will be coming home next year. I’m looking for recommendations for the least teacher intensive options as I work full time (7 days a week six 12 hour shifts and one hour shift)

she is an excellent reader and excellent math student. Very curious. Loves to work on the computer. 
I’m thinking of doing Veritas press self paced history

Algebra 1 through teaching textbooks

I’m not set on these and I’d love suggestions because there is so much more out there now!

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Posted (edited)

https://www.clrconline.com/introduction-to-literature-and-composition/ <- Tessa Carmen's classes get good reviews here

https://virtual.aopsacademy.org/courses/year-round/math-7 https://artofproblemsolving.com/school/course/algebra-a https://artofproblemsolving.com/school/course/algebra-a-sp <- three course options for algebra by The Art of Problem Solving, which is probably the most rigorous math curriculum out there. In descending order of price and descending order of student support.

https://www.wtmacademy.com/well-trained-mind-academy/ <- they also cover aops math in a live environment at a slower pace and lower price







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